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Case Studies
Secret food tours
food tour
55 Cities in 5 years!

In 5 years Secret Food Tours built a Food Tour Empire with the help of TicketingHub. Learn how you could be next..

Pyramids of Egypt
500% Growth!!!

The Egyptian Government were looking for an innovative technology that can help scale their online growth. TicketingHub were selected and delivered...

Zip Now
Finally, a solution adapted to our needs!

TicketingHub build new features to cater to the requirements of Zip Now and other Zips. The team were thrilled to finally have an adapted solution

Grow with us!

Our client www.secretfoodtours.com went from 1 to 55 cities and millions in ticket sales using TicketingHub ticket software in less than 5 years!

Discover why TicketingHub is the best Ticket selling software from our customer’s point of view.

We’re super proud about it and have created a complete case study for you to:

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TicketingHub ticketing software enables you to easily distribute your live inventory on the largest tours and activities platforms! We have done the technical job for you so it’s super easy to integrate our reservation system and start selling tickets around the world.
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TicketingHub will solve your ticketing sales challenges whatever industry you’re in.

Ticketing Hub is unique and customer centric focused since we never ever had any investors dictating our product functionality roadmap; instead, our customers drove it.

Over last six years we  constantly improved our platform to meet the increasing requirements of demanding clients. We've fully re-engineered our it to avoid technical debt and to keep a simple user interface both for clients and consumers.

We believe we've created the most complete, yet extremely simple reservation and ticketing software for tours, activities and attractions.

Our ticket sales online widget and point of sale app can be customised in a matter of minutes. Each time we on boarded a new customer, we developed specific functionalities that we are able to share with all our customers.

This is a big part of our secret sauce enabling us to build what we believe to be the best ticket selling software.

We are a customer centric company trusted by many industry leaders such as CitySightseeing, Egyptian Pyramid show (Sound and Light Show), Secret food tours.com, New Europe tours, London Bridge, Chivas events, Sipsmith Distillery …each with their specific ticketing sales specificities.

Over the last six years, we have worked with over 200 different clients, each with different ticket booking sales flows, from online, mobile to on site sales. We have therefore developed specific functionalities for sales agents, desktop, mobile point of sales or API with global distributors.

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