Entry management

Know exactly who is due to arrive and when. Scanning tickets is quick and easy.

outpost app
outpost app

Outpost App

An iPhone / iPad app for scanning tickets.

Scan Tickets

Use the in-built camera or connect a bluetooth scanner to scan tickets as they arrive. Both mobile and paper tickets are supported.

Offline Support

Works with or without network coverage. Allowing you to stay connected wheverever you are.

The Manifest

Because sometimes the old ways are best.

Historical Records

Download any historical manifest to show customer attendance details for legal or just to archive.

Team Assignment

Asssign guides to specific tours/events and have the manifest emailed directly to them instead automatically.


Entry Management

A few little extra things we can do.

Turnstile Integration

We can integrate with or provide high throughput turnstiles to scan tickets and allow automatic entry to customers.

Existing Scanners

Already have an entry gate system with an existing provider? We can connect directly into that instead.

Voucher Redemption

Automatically redeem gift vouchers (if your availabily permits) when a customer arrives without redeeming it themselves.

So what does all this cost?

There are options that enable our clients to set up and sell at zero cost to themselves.

We are free to use

No setup cost. No contracts. No fees ever.

Request Demo

We provide an option to pass on all fees directly to the customer.

If you don’t want to charge your customers, then send us an email and we can tailor a package to your needs: sales@ticketinghub.com

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