This blog post is the second part of our recent blog post "Why Your Tour Business Needs a Blog". If you haven't read that post yet, we highly recommend that you do. From there, get to know the latest statistics of travel blogging - convincing you to start blogging this 2024.

Starting a travel blog on your booking website is a smart idea to attract more customers to your tours and activities. With it, you can showcase your expertise, help your customers, and it's good for your booking website's SEO too.

What you can expect:

blogging ideas for tour operators, travel blog ideas 2024

Now we want to help you get those smart ideas out. Here are 20 travel blog post ideas to get you started. Along with it, we give you travel blog post topics, ideas and keywords to rank for. Combining all of these together, you can create an entire content plan!

So at the end of this article, you can start designing an ultimate blog strategy that is relevant, consistent, and helpful for your customers.

Let's begin.

1. Ultimate Destination Guide

destination guide, blog post idea

Provide free in-depth guides about your tours.

TIP: Target local and near-me searches by specifying your tours' location in the keyword.

Content Ideas:

  • "The Ultimate Guide to [Destination]: Navigating Like a Local"
  • "Exploring [Destination]: Hidden Gems and Local Favorites"
  • "Cultural Etiquette in [Destination]: Do's and Don'ts for Travelers"


  • Destination guide
  • [destination] travel tips
  • Local cuisine in [destination]
  • Cultural etiquette [destination]
  • Off-the-beaten-path in [destination]

2. Seasonal Travel Tips

Seasonal travel, blog post ideas

Help travelers plan their vacations by season. Highlight safety tips and precautions when traveling in winter or summer, for instance. Specify the best destinations to see in a specific season.

TIP: Use seasonal travel tips for marketing tours during off-peak travel seasons. Highlight why your tours are must-tries.

Content Ideas:

  • "[Season] Travel in [Destination]: Weather Insights and What to Pack"
  • "Top [Season] Destinations for [Year]: Where to Go and What to See"
  • "Staying Safe During [Season]: Essential Tips for Seasonal Travel"


  • [Season] travel tips
  • [season] in [destination]
  • Travel safety [season]
  • Seasonal festivals
  • Packing for [season]

3. Eco-friendly Travel Destinations

eco-friendly travel ideas

There is an increase in green travel trends, and sustainable destinations can attract environmentally conscious travelers.

TIP: Share how you promote sustainable tourism in your tours.

Content Ideas:

  • "Top Sustainable Destinations for Eco-Friendly Travelers in [Year]"
  • "How to Travel Sustainablely in [Destination]: Tips and Tricks"
  • "Contributing to Conservation in [Destination]: Eco-Friendly Tours and Activities"


  • Eco-friendly travel
  • Sustainable tourism in [destination]
  • Green travel tips
  • Environmental conservation [destination]
  • Sustainable tours in [destination]

4. Adventure Tourism Hotspots

adventure tourism blog post

Adventure tourism attracts thrill seekers. If you're selling outdoor and extreme tours, this topic is your way to compelling content.

Content Ideas:

  • "Thrill Seekers' Paradise: Top Adventure Activities in [Destination]"
  • "Guide to Safe Adventure Tourism in [Destination]: What You Need to Know"
  • "Unforgettable Adventures in [Destination]: From Water Sports to Wildlife Safaris"


  • Adventure tourism in [destination]
  • Hiking in [destination]
  • Water sports [destination]
  • Wildlife safaris [destination]
  • Adventure travel tips

5. Cultural Tours and Insights

promoting cultural tourism, blog post ideas

You can make your cultural tours more interesting by telling the history of cultural spots, listing local festivals, and talking about why they are unique.

Content Ideas:

  • "Exploring the Culture of [Destination]: A Guide to Local Tours and Experiences"
  • "Historical Sites in [Destination]: A Journey Through Time"
  • "Festivals and Events in [Destination]: Celebrating Local Culture"


  • Cultural tours in [destination]
  • Historical sites [destination]
  • Local festivals [destination]
  • Cultural insights [destination]
  • Cultural etiquette [destination]

6. Family-Friendly Tour Experiences

family fun travel ideas

Families planning vacations with kids need family-friendly content. Customers want stress-free, enjoyable experiences. Help them out!

Content Ideas:

  • "Family Fun in [Destination]: Activities for All Ages"
  • "Traveling with Kids in [Destination]: Safety Tips and Family-Friendly Accommodations"
  • "Educational and Exciting: Family Tours in [Destination]"


  • Family-friendly travel to [destination]
  • Traveling with kids
  • Family vacations [destination]
  • Travel safety for families
  • Family accommodations [destination]

7. Solo Travel Advice

solo traveling guide

Solo travel is on the rise. Share targeted advice for solo female travelers that can make them feel more confident of your tours, even when they're solo.

Content Ideas:

  • "The Solo Traveler's Guide to [Destination]: Making the Most of Your Journey"
  • "Safety First: Essential Tips for Solo Travelers in [Destination]"
  • "Meeting Fellow Travelers: Social Events and Meet-Ups in [Destination]"


  • Solo travel tips
  • Solo travel in [destination]
  • Staying safe while solo traveling
  • Solo traveler meet-ups
  • Solo tours in [destination]

8. Luxury Travel Experiences

luxury travel guides

Write curated lists of high-end hotels and spots. If you had celebs, travel bloggers, and influencers on your tours, mention them.

Content Ideas:

  • "Indulge in Luxury: Top High-End Accommodations in [Destination]"
  • "Exclusive Tours in [Destination]: Experiencing the Best with Style"
  • "The Luxury Traveler's Guide to [Destination]: Where Opulence Meets Adventure"


  • Luxury travel in [destination]
  • High-end accommodations [destination]
  • Exclusive tours [destination]
  • Luxury experiences [destination]
  • Opulent travel

9. Budget Travel Hacks

budget travel, save money ideas

One topic you should NOT skip - helping travelers save money. By writing this, you will appeal to a large audience.

In writing, be as specific as possible. For example, promote budget-friendly local shops and cafes.

TIP: Be an affiliate, so every time your guests book through your links, you also earn a commission. You can also partner with them, so you can offer discounted rates to your guests.

Content Ideas:

  • "Traveling on a Budget: How to Save Money in [Destination]"
  • "Affordable Attractions in [Destination]: Enjoy Without Breaking the Bank"
  • "Budget Travel Tips: Making the Most of [Destination] Without the High Costs"


  • Budget travel hacks
  • Affordable travel in [destination]
  • Budget accommodations [destination]
  • Cost-effective tours [destination]
  • Saving money while traveling

10. Photography in Travel

travel photography ideas

What is travel without pictures? I'm sure your customers will love these easy-to-follow travel photography guides.

Show off the best camera angles your guests can take during your tours on your blog.

Content Ideas:

  • "Capturing [Destination]: A Travel Photographer's Guide"
  • "Best Photo Spots in [Destination]: Where to Capture Stunning Shots"
  • "Photography Tips for Travelers: Making the Most of Your Camera in [Destination]"


  • Travel photography
  • Photography spots in [destination]
  • Photography tips [destination]
  • Capturing [destination]
  • Travel photos

11. Local Cuisine and Culinary Tours

Food tour travel ideas

There's no better way to see a place than to eat it! Many do travel today for food.

So in these blog posts, show off the local cuisines, cafes, and restaurants customers should try when visiting your tours.

TIP: Partner with these stores to offer discounted rates. Or you can collaborate with the best hotels for them to offer combo tours.

Content Ideas:

  • "A Taste of [Destination]: Must-Try Dishes and Where to Find Them"
  • "Exploring the Food Markets of [Destination]: A Culinary Adventure"
  • "Culinary Tours in [Destination]: Savor the Local Flavors"


  • Local cuisine [destination]
  • Culinary tours [destination]
  • Food markets [destination]
  • Dining in [destination]
  • Traditional dishes [destination]

12. Wellness and Retreats

health and wellness tours

If you're offering wellness tours, tell guests how your tours will rejuvenate their bodies and souls.

Include photos of your guests as examples and their reviews. Highlight the best part of the tour that guests loved.

Content Ideas:

  • "Finding Peace in [Destination]: Top Wellness Retreats and Spas"
  • "Health and Happiness: Wellness Activities to Try in [Destination]"
  • "The Ultimate Guide to Wellness Retreats in [Destination]"


  • Wellness tourism [destination]
  • Wellness retreats [destination]
  • Spa experiences [destination]
  • Health-focused activities [destination]
  • Retreat reviews [destination]

13. Group Travel Planning

group travel blog post ideas

Group travel requires careful planning and coordination, and providing practical tips and ideas for road trips can greatly enhance the group travel experience.

In your blog, give practical tips for booking tours in groups. For example, offer vouchers or special discounted rates if their group reaches a minimum number of guests.

This is a smart way to get customers hooked.

Content Ideas:

  • "Planning a Group Trip to [Destination]: Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Journey"
  • "Group-Friendly Activities in [Destination]: Fun for Everyone"
  • "Navigating Group Dynamics: Making the Most of Your Group Travel in [Destination]"


  • Group travel planning
  • Group trips to [destination]
  • Group travel tips
  • Activities for groups in [destination]
  • Group tour packages [destination]

14. Travel Gear and Gadgets

travel gear, blog post ideas

If you run outdoor, camping, and adventure tours and activities, another great blog post idea is about travel gear and travel essentials and gadgets.

For instance, write a list of trusted brands that your guests can refer to when buying gear. Or write which gear you use for carry on your tours.

TIP: Join the Amazon affiliate program. You can earn a small commission if you recommend gear and gadgets and customers buy them through your links.

Content Ideas:

  • "Must-Have Travel Gear for Your Trip to [Destination]"
  • "Review: Top Gadgets to Enhance Your Travel Experience in [Destination]"
  • "Packing Smart: Essential Gear for Different Types of Trips"


  • Travel gear
  • Travel gadgets
  • Gear review
  • Packing tips
  • Essential travel gear

15. Travel Itineraries

travel blog post ideas, itinerary planning

Custom itineraries are better when traveling. Help your customers simplify travel planning with your blog posts.

TIP: Don't forget to link to your tour when you write. Make it easy for guests to see that you're offering hassle-free experiences.

Content Ideas:

  • "Explore [Destination] in [Number of Days]: A Comprehensive Itinerary"
  • "Hidden Gems of [Destination]: An Off-the-Beaten-Path Itinerary"
  • "Itineraries for Every Travel Style: Discovering [Destination] Your Way"


  • Travel itineraries [destination]
  • [destination] in [number of days]
  • Hidden gems [destination]
  • Travel planning [destination]
  • Personalized itineraries [destination]

16. Travel and Health

health travel tips, blog post ideas

Health challenges can arise while traveling. Giving travelers health advice is helpful and reassuring.

You can include reminders of what guests should do before the tour, as well as safety measures your tour company is taking to keep guests safe.

Content Ideas:

  • "Staying Healthy in [Destination]: Tips for Travelers"
  • "Travel Insurance and Health: What You Need to Know for [Destination]"
  • "Dealing with Health Emergencies: A Guide for Travelers in [Destination]"


  • Travel health tips
  • Staying healthy [destination]
  • Travel insurance
  • Health emergencies [destination]
  • Health tips for travelers

17. Visa and Travel Regulations

travel insurance guide, visa application

It's hard to navigate travel and visa regulations without up-to-date, accurate info. So why not help your guests with the ins and outs?

These kinds of guides are mostly helpful if you're targeting international customers.

Content Ideas:

  • "Visa Requirements for [Destination]: A Comprehensive Guide"
  • "Navigating Travel Regulations: What You Need to Know About [Destination]"
  • "Staying Informed: Latest Travel Regulation Updates for [Destination]"


  • Visa requirements [destination]
  • Travel regulations [destination]
  • Visa guide [destination]
  • Travel updates [destination]
  • International travel regulations

18. City Breaks

City breaks travel blog post ideas

This kind of content is best for city tour operators. In it, highlight the mix of culture, relaxation, and entertainment your tours offer.

TIP: Don't forget to optimize these for local SEO. Travelers from any part of the world may be visiting your city and are looking for nearby inspiration. Trust me, near-me searches are on the rise!

Content Ideas:

  • "The Ultimate City Break in [City]: A Weekend Guide"
  • "Top Attractions and Hidden Spots: Making the Most of Your City Break in [City]"
  • "City Breaks on a Budget: Enjoying [City] Without the Splurge"


  • City breaks
  • Weekend in [city]
  • City attractions [city]
  • Short breaks [city]
  • Budget city break [city]

19. Mountain Retreats

mountain retreat travel ideas

Out in the woods! If your audience is adventure seekers, this content idea is for you.

TIP: Don't forget the insta-worthy shots featuring your tours in writing your blog post.

Content Ideas:

  • "Tranquility in the Peaks: Discovering Mountain Retreats in [Destination]"
  • "Mountain Adventure Activities in [Destination]: From Hiking to Skiing"
  • "Best Times to Visit Mountain Retreats in [Destination]"


  • Mountain retreats [destination]
  • Mountain adventure [destination]
  • Tranquility in nature
  • Hiking in [destination]
  • Skiing in [destination]

20. Engaging Travel Stories and Testimonials

customer stories

For our last ball, this type of blog post idea is for any travel blogger or tour operator out there - share your travel stories!

This is also every guest's favorite, the idea of being featured.

With this kind of blog, you can attract more reach. People love being featured. So by featuring them on your blog, you are leading customers to re-share your blog with their friends!

Content Ideas:

  • "Journeys to Remember: Inspiring Travel Stories from [Destination]"
  • "Real Traveler Reviews: Unfiltered Experiences in [Destination]"
  • "Monthly Travel Spotlight: Featuring a Traveler's Story from [Destination]"


  • Travel stories [destination]
  • Traveler testimonials
  • Real travel experiences [destination]
  • Travel inspiration [destination]
  • Monthly travel spotlight

Action Plan for Tour Operators

action plan for tour operators
Start by having a content calendar, do SEO, and respond to your audience.

With all these ideas for travel blogs, you may be overwhelmed with which comes first and next.

So here's what you can do to get started.

1. Have a Content Calendar

Plan your content in advance. A month in advance should be enough time to avoid missed deadlines. Don't hesitate to use these 20 content ideas to create your first content calendar.

Digital tools you can use:

  • Trello or Asana: These project management tools are excellent for organizing and scheduling content. They allow you to create boards or projects for each content piece, set deadlines, and track progress.
  • Google Calendar or CoSchedule: Use these for scheduling and getting a visual overview of your content distribution over time. CoSchedule also integrates with WordPress and social media for seamless planning.

2. Apply SEO

Get your content to your audience. Use SEO techniques. To improve search engine visibility, incorporate relevant keywords naturally.

Digital tools you can use:

  • SEMrush or Ahrefs: These comprehensive SEO tools provide keyword research, site audits, and competitor analysis to improve your SEO strategy.
  • Yoast SEO (for WordPress): A user-friendly plugin that guides you through optimizing each blog post, including keyword usage, readability, and meta descriptions.

3. Engage with Your Audience

Connect with them! At the end of your blog, encourage comments and feedback. This is also one way to understand their interests and preferences.

4. Use Social Media

Aside from SEO, don't miss social media. Share your blog posts on social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

Digital tools you can use:

  • Hootsuite or Buffer: Schedule and manage posts across multiple social media platforms, track engagement, and analyze your content's performance.
  • Canva: Great for creating visually appealing graphics and posts tailored for different social media platforms.

5. Analyze and Grow

Use analytics to understand which posts perform well and refine your strategy accordingly.

Digital tools you can use:

  • Google Analytics: Track website traffic, user behavior, and blog post performance.
  • BuzzSumo: Analyze social media content and understand what's trending in your industry.


Tour operators may be different. You sell different tours and cater to a variety of audiences - so make use of what makes you unique. Write it. Set yourself apart from the noise.

We hope that by following these blogging ideas and action plans, you can create content that attracts and retains customers.

Happy blogging!

FAQ Section

What should a travel blog have?

Travel blogs should be a go-to resource for readers planning their next trip. It should feature engaging travel blog posts about specific destinations. With these, you can share insights into local customs, highlight the best festivals, and suggest free activities.

Don't rush into writing, map out ideas first, have a content plan, and work with the team.

What should it have?

  • Make sure to include sections on must-have items like camera gear for capturing memories.
  • Don’t forget practical advice for finding the perfect hotel for long trips or securing cheap flights.
  • Personal experiences enriched with a photo diary also add authenticity.
  • Resources like currency exchange tips and travel apps for different countries can also greatly assist travel geeks.
  • Cover everything from honeymoon destinations to national parks and day trips, offering an ultimate list of travel tips.

A comprehensive travel blog should answer what the audience is asking and looking for. So before writing, map out your content ideas first. Next, develop a content plan to organize those ideas. Talk it over with your team. Each may have an idea that you don't have. Then, write.

How profitable is travel blogging?

The profitability of travel blogging varies. It depends on factors like niche authority, audience size, and how you monetize your blog.

  • Partnerships: Take successful travel bloggers as an example. They partner with travel companies and agencies; they also earn through sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and ads.
  • SEO efforts: Attracting more traffic is also key. The healthier your SEO is, the better traffic you will get.
  • Focus on helping customers with their travel needs: Provide valuable information on topics like specific destinations, the best apps for currency exchange, and tips on finding cheap flights.

Remember, profits don’t come instantly. Building a profitable travel blog takes time. It requires commitment to quality content, SEO understanding, and audience engagement.

How do you write a good travel blog post?

Writing a good travel blog post means blending personal experience with valuable information.

A good travel blog is filled with creativity, speaks your personality, and helps readers.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Choose a specific destination or travel niche to focus on.
  • Provide unique insights into local customs and practical advice like public transport tips.
  • Share personal stories to make your content engaging.
  • Include useful information, like currency exchange tips, how to secure cheap flights, and the latest travel apps trends.
  • High-quality images are essential too—they turn your post into a vibrant photo diary.
  • Don’t forget practical tips for dealing with long flights, the ultimate checklist for various trips, and navigating time zones and foreign languages.
  • Offer actionable tips on picking the right camera gear, attending the best festivals, and saving on extra costs.

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