Case Studies

TicketingHub - simple but not simpler

Secret food tours
food tour
55 Cities in 5 years!

In 5 years Secret Food Tours built a Food Tour Empire with the help of TicketingHub. Learn how you could be next..

Pyramids of Egypt
500% Growth!!!

The Egyptian Government were looking for an innovative technology that can help scale their online growth. TicketingHub were selected and delivered...

Zip Now
Finally, a solution adapted to our needs!

TicketingHub build new features to cater to the requirements of Zip Now and other Zips. The team were thrilled to finally have an adapted solution

So what does all this cost?

There are options that enable our clients to set up and sell at zero cost to themselves.

4% of credit card transactions

No setup cost. No contracts. No fees ever.
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We provide an option to pass on all fees directly to the customer.

If you don’t want to charge your customers, then send us an email and we can tailor a package to your needs: