Buckle up, tour operators! Today, we'll journey through the extraordinary universe of Google Things to Do.

This tool is like a golden key that unlocks a treasure trove of perks for your business - an overflowing calendar of direct bookings, a surge of website traffic, and the ultimate edge over your competitors.

So, let's strap in and take a deep dive into the wonders of Google Things to Do and how to squeeze every drop of goodness out of it.

The Skinny on Google Things to Do

Imagine this scenario: the brilliance of a travel experiences platform, interwoven seamlessly into a platform that's... well, it's only Google! We're talking game-changer here, folks, a golden ticket for businesses like yours.

That's Google Things to Do in a nutshell.

Google things to do

It's a comprehensive, intuitive, and interactive hub where people discover global experiences at their fingertips. It's a one-stop-shop for those looking for things to do in their city, or anywhere in the world.

For instance, users in the US can search for activities in their city such as hiking trails, restaurants, or art galleries. They can then view reviews from other users and book tickets directly from the Google search results.

Travelers discover bike tours, hiking tours, theme parks

Google, in its infinite wisdom, has also recently rolled out a new ad format for Things to do. It pops up right at the top of Google search results and Google Maps, showcasing photos, prices, and a ticket booking link for your activity. It's a shiny beacon guiding customers right to you!

This fab new ad format is the perfect response to the growing trend of customers turning to Google to seek out interesting activities for their trips, and to explore their local areas.

Search direct links of business page, ads module, google recommends activity operators, travel options

Whether tour operators like you showcase the breath-taking beauty of the Grand Canyon or offers adrenaline-charged bungee jumping in New Zealand, Things to Do puts you on the map. Literally.

Your Cheat Sheet

So, quick snapshot: Google is like the rockstar of search engines, and Things to Do is its latest chart-topping hit! It's a super inventive search platform designed to help explorers discover, compare, and book all kinds of travel-related fun.

And, guess what? You can amp up your visibility and engage your audience using official site badges, free listings, and paid ads. To really crank up your Things to Do game, you’ll want to optimize your Google My Business profile, buddy up with ResTech providers, and pick a solid booking system. Got it? Awesome!

Now, let's dive into the perks

Brandish Your Credibility with an Official Site Badge

For tour operators, credibility is your currency. The badge awarded by Google Things to Do is like a shiny medal that instantly elevates your reputation in your Google Business Profile.

It’s not just any badge. It's the equivalent of getting knighted by Queen Google herself! Now, who wouldn't want that regal recognition?

Example of how the official site badge may appear on Google Search | Credit: Google
Example of how the official site badge may appear on Google Search | Credit: Google

This badge signifies that you're not just another tour operator in the vast digital sea. Google endorses you. An official site badge on your listing can build trust and pump up direct bookings. It's like a seal of approval for your business, giving you an edge over other tour businesses. Plus, free listings and paid ads are on the table to help you jazz up your visibility and engagement.

For example, when potential customers find your business, the badge will let them know that you’ve been certified by Google and are a trusted partner in the industry.

Free Listings and Paid Ads

Okay, so let's talk freebies.

Things to Do offers free listings, and a flashy new ad format for Things to Do that spills the beans about your offer, including photos, prices, your company's name, and a booking link. For example, tourists can get free hotel booking links, thus speeding up the booking process.

explore connecting ticket options of tours and activities, landing page, fast booking process, points of interest

These Google search ads make a grand entrance at the top of Google search results, Google Maps, or Google Reserve search bar turning the spotlight on your tours and activities.

Enjoy the Direct Booking Bonanza

Imagine your prospective customers stumbling upon your enchanting tours and activities while casually browsing Google. Then, with just a click, they can book directly with the ticket booking links generated by Google.

No detours, no distractions. You've got yourself a winning strategy that boosts direct bookings, supercharges sales, and delights your customers with a seamless search experience.

Things to Do helps users discover ecotourism in New Zealand

For example, a customer searching for 'eco-tourism' in New Zealand on Google could be presented with a booking link to book your eco-tourism tour directly, allowing them to skip the research process and book right away.

It’s the digital equivalent of a convenience store – open 24/7, right at your customers’ fingertips, stocked with exciting tour packages. Google Things to Do is your ever-ready salesperson that never takes a day off!

Revel in Increased Site Traffic and Rankings

When it comes to online visibility, Google is King, Queen, and the entire royal court. As of last update in 2021, Google held over 92% of the global search engine market share.

Google landing page, promote tours, experiences module, direct booking analytics of unique things

By featuring on Google's knowledge panels through Google Things to Do, your business gets a free ticket to the high-visibility club. It's like getting a shout-out from a celebrity at a mega concert. Instant recognition!

Remember, the higher your visibility, the more direct traffic your website attracts. More traffic often translates into higher search engine rankings. It's a delicious snowball effect of benefits!

A Cost-effective, High-impact Marketing Channel

Imagine getting a first-class seat on a flight without spending a penny. That's what Google Things to Do offers your tour business. It’s a high-powered, high-impact marketing channel that doesn’t cost you anything.

No subscription fees, no hidden charges – just pure, unadulterated exposure to millions of eager travelers. It's the stuff of marketing dreams! With Google Things to Do, your tour business will gain incredible visibility and the potential for increased sales and brand awareness.

Harness the Power of Targeted Ads

If you're already using Google Ads, you know the joy of getting your business in front of the right people. With Google Things to Do, you can now hyper-target your Things to Do ads with even more precision.

target website audience and promote travel products in searches, booking attractions

For example, you can target users who have shown an interest in outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, and show them ads for camping gear or outdoor travel products.

It’s like firing a guided missile straight at your target audience. So, whether it's young adventurers looking for adrenaline rushes or retirees seeking historical tours, your ads will land squarely in their line of sight.

Connecting Google Things to Do with Your Tour Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

So, now you’re chomping at the bit to tap into the power of Google Things to Do. Here's how you can harness this tool and turbocharge your tour business:

1. Get Started: It all begins with registering your business on Google. It's the equivalent of getting your passport ready for an exciting journey!

2. Verification Time: Next, it's time to verify your business. Think of it as Google's security check, ensuring everything is in order.

3. Showcase Your Tours: Now, turn the spotlight on your tours and activities. Dress them up with eye-catching photos, irresistible descriptions, and all the bells and whistles that set you apart from other online travel agencies or activity providers.

4. Badge of Honor: Once verified, Google bestows you with the coveted "Official Site" badge. Wear it with pride and watch how it lends credibility to your business.

5. Advertise Like a Pro: Run targeted ads to reach millions of travelers. It’s like using a megaphone tuned to the ears of your ideal customer.

Google Things to Do isn’t just another tool in your arsenal. It’s a high-powered rocket that can propel your tour business to stratospheric heights of success. So strap in and get ready for take-off!

Sharpening Your Online Presence with Google Things to Do

Picking the Right Booking System

Teaming up with ResTech providers like Ticketinghub can make linking up of your business page with Google Things to Do a breeze, and help you sharpen your product descriptions, ensure consistent pricing, and keep an eye on the general information of your booking.

By partnering with these providers, you can smooth out the integration process, generate a booking page that ticks all of Google's boxes, and keep tabs on new reservations while steering clear of overbookings.

When choosing a booking system, you should look for a user-friendly interface, automated marketing tricks, and thorough analytics. You would want to prioritize features like customizable dashboards, real-time updates, an availability calendar, online payment processing, and mobile compatibility.

That's precisely what Ticketinghub offers, making it the optimal choice for tour businesses looking to navigate the digital marketplace.

Ticketinghub's online booking system for tours and activities

With Ticketinghub you're not just in the driver's seat - you're behind the wheel of a powerful machine built for speed, performance, and success.

By making the most of its extensive features, you can effectively increase your reach, drive more bookings through Google Things to Do, and take your business to new heights!

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Google Things to Do offers a powerful platform for tour and activity operators to broaden their online presence and ramp up bookings.

By understanding the platform, pumping up visibility and engagement, hooking up with the right booking system, and continually sharpening your online presence, you can unlock the potential of Google Things to Do and take your business to new heights.

Embrace the opportunities offered by this innovative platform and watch your business soar!

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