Travel Content Marketing? Here's What You're Missing in 2022

"Content is King."

Yes, the buzz is true, and it's working. But ...

"Time is 'also' Gold."

As tour operators, you have so much more to take care of than writing a piece of content every day. Not unless you've hired someone to do it for you. But even if you do, hiring content writers is another cost.

You might think,

Is there a way to do more while spending less on content marketing?

In this blog post, let's dive deep on how to leverage travel content marketing.

AI is the Answer!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing tools are your friend. With it, you can save more or less 80% of your time on writing content.

If you write content for 5 hours with AI, you can finish it in (more or less) an hour!

You might have heard a lot of these tools lately. There is Jasper, WriteSonic,, AI Writer ... and the list continues. But for this blog post, we will be delving deep into

What is Logo - AI Writing Assistant

Creating content is a lot more than anyone thinks. Think of research, checking facts and statistics, writing, searching for images, optimizing for SEO, polishing, and publishing.

Before you know it, you've spent 3 to 4 hours; and even up to 8 hours, completing the whole process. That's a lot of time.

Frase, your AI friend, does it for you. Frase can research, write, and help you optimize your following winning content. What you do in hours, Frase can do in minutes.

Write Creative & Plagiarism-Free Content in Minutes for FREE

To help you see the difference between writing fast, effective, and SEO-friendly content with AI, we've listed Frase's top free AI tools that can help you.

On Frase's list of AI Writing Tools, we handpicked three tools that can help you write content on specific tasks.

Let's begin!

#1 Blog Introduction Generator

One of the best free AI tools by Frase is the Blog Introduction Generator.

As the name suggests, it can generate blog introductions for you. Simply key in the title of your blog, and viola! You have your 100-word blog introduction for free- plagiarism-safe, catchy, and SEO-friendly!

Generate blog introductions easily with Frase- Blog Introduction Tool.

PRO TIP: You can adjust the level of creativity from 1 to 5. As the picture shows below:

Adjust level of creativity and see which works from levels 1 to 5.

#2 Blog Outline Generator

Next to your introduction is your outline. Again, Frase has it for you. Frase's Blog Outline Generator can generate outlines for your blogs and articles.

Frase Blog Outline Generator
Stop the writer's block and generate blog outline ideas with Frase- Outline Generator Tool.

See? Provide the blog title and a brief description of what you want your article to be all about. Then, click 'Generate.'

Suppose you are not satisfied with the first result; you can always click the green 'Re-Generate' button below, adjust your creativity level, and see what works for you.

#3 Frase's Listicle Generator Tool

Take's Listicle Generator Tool. How does it work? Provide the topic of your target audience's interest in a title, and AI will generate headings and short paragraphs for your listicle content.

Listicle Generator Tool by
Write listicle-captions or blog posts in seconds with Frase.

This feature is suitable for your daily or weekly blog posts. You get content ideas tailored for your tours with a click in just a minute or two!

What's more! Frase's Listicle Generator Tool is free to use. However, it is not on Frase's Tools Webpage, but you can find it right on their homepage. Find Homepage here.

So there you have it! Frase can be your magic wand in writing catchy, original, and SEO-friendly content. Not to mention spending less and even nothing since some of their AI tools are free.

Write a Copy that Sells

Well, of course, those free tools are just a start. To create content that sells (and converts), you need to optimize targeted content for organic search.

The competition is fierce within the tourism industry. So, it would be best to have a content strategy for your travel and tourism marketing. This way, potential customers will see your travel brand as authoritative.

What to do next? Google's search engine results should be your next ally.


Frase, your friend, helps. From ...

  • Content Briefing & Researching
  • Content Creation
  • Content Optimization

Frase AI can simplify your planning process and organic traffic growth strategy in one tool.

Master the Tool

A master builder can never be 'masterful' without knowing his tools. So to get the maximum benefit from this AI tool, you should know how to use it correctly. Frase generously provides free training courses and manuals for content marketers through videos, courses, and even webinars on their website. So make sure to learn them first before diving into actual AI writing.

Here's a 2-minute introduction of how Frase works in content optimization:

Learn More: Everything you need to know about content creation with with Frase Crash Course here.

Is Frase Worth It? How Much Will It Cost Me?

The quickest answer is, YES, it's worth it!

The travel industry spent 6 billion dollars on digital marketing ad spending in 2019 alone.

Why spend so much when you can sell more in less time and spend less for your travel content marketing?

Cut costs, save time, and sell more through AI tools using a cost-efficient travel content marketing strategy.

"In 2019, the travel industry in the United States spent 6.09 billion U.S. dollars on digital advertising. Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the sector's digital ad spend in 2020 decreased by 51 percent. The spending is not expected to recover to its 2019 levels by 2023 when it is projected to amount to 4.54 billion dollars."- Travel industry digital advertising spending in the United States from 2019 to 2023

So how much does Frase cost?

It depends on the number of users.

  • Single user: $45/month; $40/month if billed annually; comes with 30 document credits.
  • Team of 3: $115/month; $100/month if billed annually. If the account exceeds 3 members, you pay an extra $25/each; it comes with unlimited document credits.
  • Enterprise Account: Custom pricing for unlimited users and unlimited document credits
  • To gain unlimited access to the AI writer tool and other premium features, add the SEO Add-on for $35 per month.

Weigh the costs and calculate the estimated ROI. If you are a small business owner or a startup, using Frase is a smart option if you want to leverage your content marketing strategy.

See Frase Pricing List here.

Why Travel Content Marketing Works

Visual content marketing is important, especially for the travel business sector.

Here are five reasons why every tour operator should take content marketing seriously:

1. To Increase Revenue

Content marketing helps travel companies increase their revenue by providing them with a way to connect with new and existing customers. When people have questions about a company, they often turn to search engines to find answers.

Is it worth the investment? It is, considering that the global customer experience management industry was worth $11.34 billion in 2022. Besides, this industry is getting more sophisticated as years pass.

Take this as an example:

Suppose a company's website isn't optimized for content marketing. In that case, it might not show up when someone searches for information about their business. In addition, if a company doesn't create engaging and user-generated content, it won't attract visitors who want to learn more about its products or services. You certainly don't want to turn off your customers by the way you engage with them. Content is key.

2. To Build Brand Awareness

When people read articles online, they tend to share those articles on social networks. Sharing content increases brand awareness among consumers.

3. To Engage Customers

Customers in the travel industry enjoy reading quality content that provides helpful travel tips and tricks. People also appreciate being able to get answers to frequently asked questions. By creating content, travel companies can engage their target audience.

4. To Attract New Customers

If a company creates high-quality content, it may attract new customers inside its target market. These individuals will likely become repeat buyers if they like what they see.

5. To Improve SEO Rankings

People use search engines to find businesses, including travel brands and agencies. If a travel business' website ranks well in search results, its chances of getting more traffic will improve.

Here's a free guide on how to boost conversion rates and search engine rankings: Here Is Our Comprehensive 6-Step Guide To Drastically Improve Tours And Tickets Website Conversion Rates!

How Not to Fail Content Marketing

Optimize your content strategy for better SEO ranking. How?

  • Lay the groundwork first
  • Build a content calendar
  • Think like your customers
  • Choose long-tail keywords
  • Make use of free marketing tools online
  • Create relevant content that brings value to your target market
  • Promote your content on social media posts (Facebook page)
  • Use visual content for travel destinations
  • Do email marketing
  • Partner with influencers or a travel blogger for your YouTube channel
  • Invest in print publications to promote local tourism

There may be no definitive content strategy for any business. Try one and give it your best shot. See what works, eliminate what does not, or improve what needs to. The travel industry is evolving fast, and travel marketers should know customers' pain points and bring solutions that have value.

Remember this: Your most effective strategy should be based on your customers' need.

In a Nutshell: Should Travel Businesses Try Frase?

When you hear 'content' today, it always comes with 'marketing.' You don't need to try so hard in marketing; instead, be smart. Smart content marketing is key.

If you are a small tour operator business and still testing the waters of content creation, Frase's free AI tools can help you jumpstart your content marketing strategy. If you are a seasoned tour operator and have not yet tried AI, don't worry, it's never too late! Try one or more of their free tools and see how they can help you. You will surely know the difference once you have it right in front of you!

By far, content marketing with AI is today's most cost-effective way of leveraging content marketing. With it, you can do more while spending less. Save up to 80% of your time writing content and focus this 80% more on selling tours and doing what you love!

As you can see, there are many reasons to try content marketing—especially if you're in the travel industry. And if you're unsure where to start, consider using an AI tool like Frase to help create and optimize your content.

What do you think? What is your business' best strategy? Is content marketing something you want to try for your travel business? Let us know in the comments below!

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