5 Powerful Tools to Manage Tour and Activity Inventory

Managing staff, maintaining bookings, selling services, sending emails and quotes, inventory control, and the list keeps on and on …

Tour operators, travel agents, or companies cannot run away from these back-office tasks that are necessary to maintain smooth day-to-day operations behind the excitement.

Well, here's a piece of good news! We have the most viable option on hand.

Say hello to automation and cloud-based booking technology and systems, made possible by digital innovation. So you can get back to what you love most - having fun and creating fun!

In this post, let us talk about the challenges and solutions in managing tours and events effectively- with you, tour companies, and operators in mind.

Boost Tour Business Up to 10x

manage tours and activity inventory
manage tours and activity inventory

What Is a Ticket Management System?

A ticket management system (online booking software or reservation software) is a platform that helps tour operators sell services, own packages, and manage their tour prices, online reservations, and inventory status.

It allows operators to create, edit, update and manage availability, request quotes, and manage bookings and online reservations in real-time.

How Do I Set Up a Ticket Management System?

Setting up a ticket management system for better business management of your tours doesn't have to be difficult.

First, have a clear understanding of your business needs. So here are a few key things tour operators and companies need to consider:

  • What type of tours and services do you sell?
  • Do you have a website?
  • Do you have an online booking system?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then voila! You are ready to set up a ticket management system. If not, no worries- read on for more tips and find out what TicketingHub offers.

ticket management setup of tours
ticket management setup

If you provide a variety of tours, it's wise to find a platform that can handle all the types you sell. Ticket management systems come in many shapes and sizes, so it is imperative to find one that fits your business needs.

TicketingHub offers the fastest integration of booking widgets into your website. In a matter of five minutes, you can finish setting up an account!

Additionally, you may use as many Checkout Widget instances as you wish after creating your TicketingHub account.

Installing them on your website is as simple as inserting an HTML code wherever you want the checkout button to appear.

how Ticketinghub helps tour and activity operators

What is Inventory and Reservation Management?

Inventory and reservation management is the process of keeping track of the details- what tours and activities you have available, preventing overbook of tours, and how many people are booked on each tour- all in a single database.

Inventory and Reservation Management is significant for two reasons:

1) To ensure you have enough tours and activities to meet market demand

2) To not oversell and overbook

inventory and reservation management of bookings
inventory and reservation management of bookings

In many cases, inventory and reservation management in the travel business can be done manually or through ticket management software.

  • Manually- with a spreadsheet or some other type of tracking services
  • Using a ticket management system- automate the tracking of inventory for you

5 Ways: How Do You Manage a Tour?

Here are five ways to manage your tours and how an online booking system helps:

1. Back-Office Task Management

A ticket management software allows travel services to ease business management:

  • Create, edit and manage travel business online and bookings simultaneously in all the sales channels
  • Financial reporting in real-time
  • Automate customer services
  • Customer relationship management or client management
  • Streamline inventory management
  • Revise terms anytime

Thus, ensuring complete control and making it a practical solution for automating admin tasks and managing internal systems while staying relevant.

TicketingHub Features:

  • Manifest- assign guides to certain tours or events and have the manifest automatically sent on their email.
  • Inventory Management- easily add and check on the latest tours and packages (or upsell products, add-ons, gift vouchers, and discount codes), keep updated rates, add detailed product descriptions, and track tour availability in a single click.
  • Maintain Bookings- let your guests schedule and modify their bookings and apply for refunds themselves with a single click of the Magic Link feature, without you manually taking their inquiries, calls, or emails.
ticketinghub dashboard
Ticketinghub dashboard

2. Sell Your Services- Smarter

Aside from managing day-to-day operations, tour operators should learn how to sell their services. With high levels of competition in the travel industry, selling smarter is your way to go!

Tour operators and businesses, regardless of their size, have proven that TicketingHub can generate up to 500% more ticket profit in annual revenues.

TicketingHub is proven to generate up to 500% more ticket profit in annual revenues!

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Of course, TicketingHub works for you too!

Pyramids of Egypt: Sounds and Light Show uses Ticketinghub
Pyramids of Egypt: Sounds and Light Show uses Ticketinghub

Here's how we do it:

  • POS Solutions- online, portable, and fixed Point of Sale Solutions tailored for every kind of travel service.
  • Fast 5-Step Checkout Feature- simple and customizable 5-step checkout widget for your own website that matches your branding and all the channels your brand connects with. (Click here for a quick demo)
  • Integrate with travel distributors/OTAs- including Viator, Get Your Guide, TripAdvisor, and Trip XOXO; and let hotels and tourist centers resell your trips.
  • Analytics and Reporting- track sales performance and view attendance trends to boost marketing strategy with in-depth analysis and reports for businesses. Helping you sell dynamic pricing based tours.
pos solutions
POS Solutions for every kind of tour business
5-Step Checkout Feature and booking widget
5-Step Checkout Feature and booking widget

What's more! It also documents detailed sales reports in CSV files and easily shares them with your accounting software.

export CSV files
export CSV files

All the features and more- in a single dashboard. So you can easily access and make changes anywhere and whenever your business needs them!

3. Simplify Staff Management

Team Management feature
Team Management feature

In the same dashboard, bring in the right people in one overview.

Access the Team Management feature:

  • Search and assign employees or guides
  • View itineraries
  • Have the manifest automatically emailed to them and in sync with their Google Calendar (guest information, transportation, tour, and transfer details)
  • reconcile shifts
  • notify your team of agents
  • send travel guides in advance

As a result, get 5-star customer feedback for offering a seamless travel experience!

get 5-star customer feedback
get 5-star customer feedback

4. Streamline Customer Management

Using the information in reports and analytics, personalize customer service as you get to know your guests. Sell products according to season and offer discount codes to recurring customers.

Here are more ways TicketingHub helps streamline your customer services:

  • Self-service booking management with the Magic Link Automation Tool
  • Let customers easily search for available dates and times for their selection of tickets and book their group itineraries and events accordingly with the Live Calendar feature
Streamline Customer Management
Streamline Customer Management

5. Manage & Secure Payments in All the Sales Channels

TicketingHub is committed to safeguarding the privacy of its consumers. All transactions and payment processing are secured with full PCI-DSS Tier 1 accreditation and advanced anti-fraud detection.

In addition, TicketingHub partners with up to 130 different payment gateways. Including the most popular: PayPal, Stripe, WorldPay, Adyen, and AAIB- allowing more options for your guests to book at their convenience.

up to 130 different payment gateways
up to 130 different payment gateways

Which is the Best Ticketing Tool for Tour Operators?

In the current market, there are many booking systems and tools. However, TicketingHub is the leading platform because it gives travel agencies, tour operators, large businesses, and small companies a comprehensive platform to create and manage tours.

TicketingHub tailors its key features to help you sell more bookings and boost guests' travel experiences. Not to mention, other services are customizable to what you and your suppliers require.

Ticketinghub is the Best Ticketing Tool for Tour Operators
Ticketinghub is the Best Ticketing Tool for Tour Operators
  • User-friendly and customizable booking widget
  • Top-notch customer support
  • Powerful automation tools for simplifying admin work
  • Fast 5-minute integration with existing infrastructure

From inventory management to managing tours and online bookings in multiple sales channels; connecting and marketing with online travel agencies and trusted suppliers, reconciling staff shifts, analyzing sales data, and protecting your customers' privacy, TicketingHub's tour operator reservation software is designed to have it all!

Try TicketingHub Today!

Let TicketingHub build and organize the complex processes and deliver simplified efficient workflows in the most efficient way possible- at just the right cost!

  • Increase the number of happy guests.
  • Providing first-class tourist experiences with world-class attractions with the finest resources and travel programs.
  • Understand your organization and hundreds of your guests better.
  • Integrate with your favorite CMS or page builder (WordPress, WebFlow, SquareSpace, etc.).
  • Cut back on costs and spend more time having fun.

Contact us today and try our free 14-day trial and see the TicketingHub difference!

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