Are you looking to automate the customer rebooking process?

Discover Magic Link – the revolutionary online booking tool that is simplifying tour and travel management and revolutionizing customer service!

With Magic Link, tour operators can save time and effort when it comes to rebooking customers. From smooth automated processes to instantaneous booking confirmations, Magic Link is revolutionizing how tour operators book travel with customers and manage their bookings with more flexibility.

Learn all about this amazing online booking tool in this blog post – explore how it works and why it’s a must-have for any tour operator who wants to provide effortless customer service.

The Challenge Tour Operators are Facing

Rebooking customers and responding to requests are one of the most recurring challenges tour operators go through.

Time spent on rebooking can otherwise be spent on more important tasks that improve the tour- such as marketing, improving brand presence, delivering tours, or whatever the company’s goal may be.

Reduce phone calls from customer rebooking requests | travel booking tools

While rebooking isn't difficult for the customer itself, it takes time for them to manually call or chat with a tour operator and have their request fulfilled.

Having an accessible online booking tool available would make it much simpler for customers to rebook in less than five minutes.

Therefore, both the customer and the tour operator benefit from having a quick solution at their disposal to serve rebooking requests efficiently and effectively.

The Solution: Automate Rebooking with a Click

The solution to the rebooking problem lies in the online booking tool known as Magic Link.

It is designed for tour operators and provides them with an automated way to manage their bookings and respond to customer requests.

With this online booking tool, customers can easily rebook online within five minutes.

How does the Magic Link work?

The magic link is a link sent along with a booking confirmation via email. By clicking the link, it will take the customer to a page where they have three options. They can either rebook, change the ticket to a voucher, or cancel and get a refund.

Seamless integration with TicketingHub online booking software | Magic Link

Once they have made their selection, the changes are immediately synced with the operator’s system. They can then proceed to purchase a new ticket or apply for a refund if requested.

Why the Magic Link is Helpful: 3 Ways

#1 Save Time

Saving time is a major advantage for tour operators who use the Magic Link online booking tool.

With this automated process, customers can quickly and easily rebook online without spending hours on the phone or online chats trying to get their requests fulfilled.

Additionally, since all changes are made in real time within the operator’s system, there is no need to manually update the system with any customer requests. This saves time and effort on the operator's part.

For example, if the customer has requested a new date or location change, it will automatically be reflected within the operator’s system with no further manual input needed.

Save time and focus on what matters more- enjoying tours with your guests.

Not only does Magic Link save time on rebooking requests, but it also helps operators save money as well.

When customers are able to rebook online in less than five minutes, they don't need as much assistance from customer service representatives. This would otherwise result in additional costs for hiring more staff or paying overtime wages to existing ones. This allows tour operators to reduce their overhead costs and save money in the long run.

#2 Boost Customer Service

Magic Link also helps tour operators boost customer service. With this online booking tool, customers can make changes to their bookings anytime and anywhere.

This is highly convenient for customers who are always on the go and want to be able to make quick adjustments without having to wait for customer support assistance.

Business travelers always want something convenient, fast, and simple.

Magic Link also helps tour operators boost customer service during the travel booking process. With this online booking tool, customers can make changes to their bookings anytime and anywhere.

This is highly convenient for customers who are always on the go and want to be able to make quick adjustments without having to wait for customer support assistance.

Business travelers for instance always wants seamless business trips. A corporate travel booking focuses on efficiency and contactless support. Having a travel management tool like the magic link offers more flexibility for corporate travel. Easing the workload of finance teams and travel managers in a click!

#3 Reduce Canceled Bookings

Stop losing sales with online booking tools for your tour and activity business

Having an online booking tool known as Magic Link can save a tour operator from canceled bookings.

By providing customers with the option to rebook online within five minutes, they don’t have to cancel their tickets due to inconvenience. As well as any other issues that might arise. This ensures that the tour operator doesn’t lose potential business resulting in lost profits.

Additionally, customers have the option of changing the ticket into a voucher. This can be used for future bookings or for other services provided by the tour operator – thus reducing any financial losses suffered by either side due to cancellations.

Reduce lost sales from canceled bookings.

How to Enable the Magic Link Feature

  1. Open TicketingHub Account
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go to Advanced
  4. Below, look for the tab Booking Management by Customers
  5. Click permissions that you will allow for your confirmed guests to make (Cancel and Refund; Change booking date or time; Change booking to voucher)

In case you have any issues or queries about this feature or any TicketingHub features, our customer representative is always a chat away!

Ease Booking Travel Management with TicketingHub

TicketingHub can make it easy for you to manage your tours- from bookings, team management, inventory management, payment integrations, and even down to automating certain tasks!

We help tour operators reach their maximum ROI potential and increase booking conversion rates right from their travel websites with the help of our lightweight booking widget.

No need to manage tours on multiple apps, TicketingHub got a centralized dashboard for you.
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Questions you may ask:

What is a tour booking system?

A tour booking system is an online platform that enables tour operators to manage and simplify their bookings in one platform. It provides a secure, user-friendly online platform for customers to book trips and make online bookings, manage their bookings, and access customer services.

It also provides operators with tools to track and monitor bookings and streamline the booking process. This online booking tool allows tour operators to save time and money while providing customers with an enhanced online booking experience.

How are booking systems used in the travel industry?

With online booking systems, tour companies can more easily manage their resources while providing customers with a better travel experience. In addition, online booking systems open up new markets and opportunities to increase revenue.

By capitalizing on modern technology capabilities, the travel industry is vastly improving access to services that help both businesses thrive and travelers explore the world with ease.

How do you manage a tour?

Managing a tour is undoubtedly a rewarding experience that cannot be taken lightly. It involves reviewing tour operators, researching popular attractions, and booking transportation and accommodation among other logistical tasks.

Of course, these are merely the foundational steps – tour and travel management requires a variety of skills such as navigating customer service issues, coordinating activities, anticipating potential difficulties ahead, and providing guidance to tour members throughout their journey.

Regularly conduct meetings with your team and improve

To manage a tour effectively, the tour manager should also have a good understanding of customer motivations and preferences so they can provide the ideal tour for every client.

In short, being able to competently handle tour management takes hard work, dedication, and good problem-solving skills – but when done right it will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.

Simplify Team's Task management with Time-Saving Tools
Digital tools and software can help tour operators save time (and money!)
  • Social media management tool - social media engagement is important for tour companies. This tool can make it easier for you to schedule posts and stories, engage with customers, and see page insights.
  • Project management - you can use a simple tool that allows you and your team members to work collaboratively and increase efficiency. Assigning tasks is also made easier with a project management tool, making it clear who's supposed to do what and when it is due.
  • Google Drive - a cloud-based tool that can help you centralize your team's documents and files online
  • Time tracking tool- if you want to monitor how long you spend doing admin tasks (like social media management, answering customer calls, and responding to customer emails and requests) a time tracking tool can help you stay focused. Track time as you work on certain tasks on the backend. This way, you can maximize how you spend it on other tasks.
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