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Know which payment methods viator supports.

Diverse payment methods are important

Offering diverse payment methods is no longer optional; it's essential. With global customers' varied preferences, platforms like Viator have expanded payment options.

So, what does this mean for you, the operator?

How Viator accepts payments  

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Viator, a leader in the travel industry, recognizes the need to cater to different payment preferences.

They support the following methods:

Credit and Debit Cards:

credit cards viator support
Viator accepts major credit cards. | Photo by Pexels

Viator accepts major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, ensuring a broad range of clients can book.

Digital wallets:

Digital transactions are on the rise. Viator has integrated options for Google Pay and Apple Pay, catering to swift payments.


A globally recognized payment method that offers security and convenience. It's a preferred payment method for many due to its protective policies.

Pay Later Options:

Viator's "Reserve now, pay later" feature allows travelers to reserve, book, and submit the final payment closer to the event, a boon for high-ticket tours.

Why Does This Matter for Tour and Activity Operators?

Global reach:

Diverse payment methods mean you can cater to worldwide audiences. Whether it's a European traveler using PayPal to pay or an Asian tourist swiping their credit card, you won't miss potential bookings.

Boost conversions:

A simple payment can lead to completed bookings. Partnering with a platform like Viator, which supports various methods, optimizes conversion rates.

Trust and security:

Recognized payment methods like PayPal enhance trust. Familiar and secure options can lead to more bookings.

Main Takeaway

Viator's support for a diverse range of payment methods, including major credit cards, digital wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay, globally trusted PayPal, and flexible "Reserve now, pay later" options, underscores its commitment to meeting global travelers' varied preferences.

Diverse payment options ensure accessibility for a worldwide audience, foster trust, and boost conversions for tour businesses. By leveraging these offerings, tour operators can capture every potential booking from everywhere.

Using Viator's multiple payment methods can benefit tourism businesses in this digital age of convenience and security.

Mastering OTAs: Striking the Right Balance


In the OTA landscape, platforms vary from giants like Expedia to niche players. They offer businesses the chance to connect with a wider audience. But is including OTAs in your strategy right for you?

Advantages of OTAs:

  • Reach: OTAs can introduce your business to a global audience you might otherwise miss.
  • Trust: Big names like instill confidence, easing client reservations.
  • Boosting Occupancy: During off-peak times, OTAs can help fill vacant spots, turning potential losses into gains.

Potential Downsides of Relying Heavily on OTAs:

  • Profit Margins: While OTAs boost bookings, their commissions can hurt profits.
  • Brand Dilution: Overreliance can overshadow your brand, emphasizing the OTA's name over yours.
  • Dependency Issues: Dependence on OTAs is risky. Their strategy changes can affect your bookings.

How to use OTAs strategically:

  • Diversify Your Channels: OTAs should be a part of, not your entire strategy. Aim for most bookings, say 80%, to be booked through your site, where payment options, including Viator payment methods, are evident.
  • Special Offerings for OTAs: Design specific, high-profit, low-cost offerings to attract new clients and maintain profit.
  • Know Their Place: Treat OTAs as a helpful tool, not your mainstay. They should complement, not dominate your strategy.


OTAs offer growth opportunities but need a thoughtful approach. They're excellent for startups or slow periods. Yet, it's vital your brand stands out and isn't eclipsed by them. Choose the right OTA, use them wisely, and ensure they support, not control your growth.

TicketingHub: Your Bridge to Viator Integration

viator and ticketinghub integration
TicketingHub syncs all your OTA bookings and website reservations in one dashboard.

TicketingHub, a top-tier booking software for tours and activities, integrates easily with Viator. Link your offerings to Viator and TripAdvisor with TicketingHub's API. Update customer interactions and reviews, and set up a live inventory on TripAdvisor immediately.  

Streamlined Bookings Across All Sales Channels

TicketingHub excels at consolidating booking management, whether through Viator/TripAdvisor or other OTA providers. Everything funnels into one cohesive platform.

manage bookings in one software

Here's what you gain:

  • Unified Management: No more juggling between platforms. TicketingHub's dashboard gives a full view of all bookings and sales.
  • Time-saving: In tourism, every minute counts. Centralizing bookings cuts down on manual tasks, allowing you to improve customer interactions and expand your business.
  • Access to Viator's Global Reach: Viator, a TripAdvisor entity, has a global reach. Integrating with TicketingHub means tapping into this vast audience, and amplifying your sales.

Experience hassle-free integration with Viator via TicketingHub. Simplify your account management and tap into worldwide audiences.

Ready for a booking revolution? Check out a TicketingHub demo or explore our Integrations page. Let's make booking efficient together!


1. What viator payment methods can I use to offer tour bookings?

Viator offers diverse payment methods to cater to clients' preferences. This includes major credit cards, digital wallets, and other widely accepted payment methods.

2. Can you explain Viator's "Reserve now, pay later" policy?

The "Reserve now, pay later" feature on the Viator website allows users to make a reservation for a tour or event and decide on a payment date in the future. This gives you the ability to manage your financial commitments more flexibly.

3. Does making a full payment during booking benefit Viator?

While making a full payment at the time of booking might give you peace of mind, Viator's multiple payment options, like "Reserve now, pay later," are designed to offer flexibility. Each payment method has its advantages, and the most suitable choice often depends on the user's financial situation and preferences.

5. How are payments handled if a tour or booking is canceled on Viator?

If a booking is canceled on Viator, payments already made will be handled according to Viator's cancellation policy. It's essential to note the terms of each reservation to understand any potential refunds or charges.

6. How does Viator ensure my payments and bookings are secure?

Viator takes booking and payment security very seriously. All transactions made on the Viator website are automatically encrypted to ensure data integrity and privacy.

7. If a guest misses my tour, how does Viator handle the refund?

Should you miss a tour you've booked on Viator, the payments made will be handled according to the specific terms and conditions of the tour or service reserved. Always ensure you know these terms to avoid unforeseen issues with your guests.

8. How can I view all my payments and reservations on Viator?

If you're using tour booking software such as TicketingHub, you can track all your reservations and payments from one dashboard. Besides, you always have the latest information on your reservations and bookings by logging into your Viator account.

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