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TicketingHub POS checkout experience


Optimised for mobile sales

Ticketinghub's widget is mobile-optimised so that your customers can get a frictionless booking experience no matter what device they are using.

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Few lines of code to integrate ticketingHub into your website

just one line of code

Never change it

Make all the changes from our backend, and they will appear on your website. Change the colour, layout, design, prices etc

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Easy Greece tours website screenshot


Select a colour to match your brand

This checkout widget is designed to seamlessly integrate your website with the colours of your company brand. So stop redirecting customers or selling under someone else's brand.

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Multi Currency


Multi currency

Your guests can choose a currency of their choice during the booking process if you would like to offer this option.

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Multi Lingual

Multi Lingual widget

Localisation Increases Conversion

TicketingHub is the best way to book tickets in any language!

Our localisation feature increases conversion by an average of 70%. That means more sales for you and a better experience for your customers.

We make it easy for your customers to find tickets in their language, so they can buy them without any hassle. Plus, we provide customer support in local languages, so everyone can get the help they need.

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Checkout widget with Custom CSS

custom design

Customisable Interface

Our widget allows you not only to change the widget's color, but you can also apply a custom CSS style to make it truly unique to your business.

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Android App
iOS app

choose your booking flow

Versatile layout

No matter whether you're looking for a calendar first, tickets first, or a list of all your upcoming events, we've got you covered. Choose your flow tailored to the experience you want your customers to have.

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Multi Activity checkout

All products

Multi product Calendar

Our widget gives you the option of including one or more products in the checkout experience based on where the customer is in the customer journey.

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Countdown timer

build momentum

countdown clock

Strategically-placed timers can increase conversion by up to 400%, according to certain studies! So add your launch date to TicketingHub, and let us do the countdown.

Supported CMSs


we've got you covered

We don't mind if your website is built with WordPress, Wix, Webflow, or any other CMS system. Regardless of what CMS you use, our widget can be installed, and we can still help you grow the number of tickets sold!

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Android App
iOS app


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no setup cost - no monthly fee.
no ota fee - no pos fees.

All features are included as standard

All-in-one & affordable

Transparent Pricing

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Absorb or Pass on our fees

Option to pass on all transaction fees directly to the customer.

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