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Simplify Your Ticketing Process and Amplify Sales

Tailored for adventure park operators, our adventure park management software enhances direct online bookings, visitor management, and sales across various distribution channels.

Sell more with an Adventure Park Management Software built for better checkout experiences.

Transform Visitors into Guests with a 24/7 Booking Widget

  • Encourage more direct bookings with a booking widget that aligns with your brand.
  • Seamlessly integrate it into your CMS with just a single line of code - you can add it to your homepage or booking page as an iframe.
  • Boost conversion rates and customer loyalty with a straightforward 5-step checkout process.
  • Offer multiple currencies and payment options to accommodate all your adventure park guests.
Provide resellers with a dedicated login portal that allows them to access their sales.

Skyrocket Your Online Sales by 80% with Resellers & Affiliate Links

  • Experience up to an 80% increase in sales through affiliate links and resellers.
  • Equip resellers with a white-labeled widget and a log-in portal, allowing them to track their sales.
  • Expand your reach by selling your offerings on the world's leading OTAs - we connect you to Get Your Guide, TripAdvisor, Klook, and Airbnb Experiences.
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Works Smarter, Not Harder

Our Homemade Recipe For Success

We're here to help you save time and accomplish more. Our automated suite of tools, designed specifically for amusement park tour operations, can reduce your customer phone calls and backend inefficiencies by 80%.

Boost customer service with swift and personalized interactions using theme park management software built to scale.

Minimize Time Spent on Customer Phone Calls

  • Empower guests to reschedule, cancel, or convert tickets into vouchers without waiting in a queue. Our magic link allows guests to manage their bookings in just five minutes!
  • Automatically send tour reminders to your guests with our message broadcast feature, keeping them engaged and excited for their visit.
  • Avoid invalid bookings and endless customer calls by validating customer emails during the booking process with our email validator.
Capture every sale opportunity with smart marketing features - never miss an abandoned checkout.

Smarter Marketing

  • Capture every potential sale with abandoned cart drip campaigns. Guests are automatically sent a follow-up email for abandoned checkouts as a reminder.
  • When slots are full, allow guests to sign up for the waiting list so they can replace canceled reservations.
  • After each tour, automate sending guests a request for feedback. Grow your reviews and build your online brand reputation.
Manage everything across any device - all in one centralized dashboard with our park management software.

Stay on Top of Everything On-The-Go

  • Create and edit availability slots, keeping your calendar up-to-date across all sales channels.
  • Sync real-time data with a cloud-based platform to avoid overbookings.
  • Manage availability across all sales channels in one comprehensive ticketing software.
Seamlessly manage your customers with CRM integration - it's a breeze!

Provide Customer Service That Builds Brand Authority

  • Categorize customers in the CRM to give VIPs special treatment.
  • Make it easy for guests to change their bookings with a magic link, saving you from endless customer phone calls.
  • Encourage guests to leave a review after every tour with automated reminders.
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ticketinghub for

Adventure Parks

Ticketinghub Features

  • Availability Calendar
  • Multi-Currency
  • Data Export
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Team Management
  • Performance Notifications
  • Message Broadcast
  • Central Inbox
  • Customer Relations
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Success story

How Lions Water Adventure Park Boosted Profits by 400% in a Year with TicketingHub

Lions Water Adventure Park, a must-visit destination in Kinston, North Carolina, offers everything from thrilling water slides to a relaxing lazy river. After integrating with TicketingHub, they saw an astounding 400% profit growth in just a year. Now that's making a splash!
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Our top-tier theme park management system is designed to meet theme and amusement parks' unique needs. It assists operators in managing guests, selling tickets online, on mobile phones, and through various sales channels, ultimately boosting revenue and delivering an unforgettable guest experience.

Simplify operations and deliver happier guest experiences.

Streamline Your Ticketing and Sales Management

Our amusement park software offers an efficient ticketing system that supports multiple channels, both online and at the gate.

Say goodbye to long lines and welcome seamless ticketing and sales, as our cloud-based platform enables quick admission control with mobile devices.

Whether it's daily admissions, events, or special programs, our software simplifies the process, ensuring visitors enjoy a smooth and stress-free entry.


Comprehensive Inventory Management for Your Adventure Park

With our integrated inventory management system, you can effortlessly keep track of merchandise in your gift shops. Our software allows you to manage assets, track sales, and apply discounts in one place.

Experience a streamlined gift shop and guest experience solution that maximizes revenue and keeps your visitors returning.

Manage everything across any device in one theme park management software solution.

Insights and Reporting for Your Adventure Park Business Goals

Data is crucial for making informed decisions. Our adventure park booking software provides key insights and detailed reports on ticket sales, visitor numbers, and other essential metrics.

We also integrate with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel.

You can analyze industry trends, identify peak periods, and strategize capacity management to optimize your adventure park's operations and revenue.

Seamless Point of Sale Integration

Manage financial transactions with our seamless amusement park POS system integration. Track sales in real-time, reduce no-shows, and efficiently process refunds or exchanges.

Our user-friendly POS system enhances the overall guest experience, leaving your customers satisfied and eager to return.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What technology is used at theme parks?

Theme parks employ diverse technologies to elevate guest experiences and streamline operations. This includes theme park management software, mobile apps, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), RFID wristbands for efficient access control, and point-of-the-sale software (POS) systems for seamless ticket sales and retail sales.

What is an adventure park management system?

An adventure park management system is a specialized software solution crafted to simplify the operations of an adventure park. It encompasses features for ticket sales, access control, inventory management, reporting, and customer relationship management. It empowers park operators to manage guests, sell tickets online, and amplify revenue.

What features should a theme park ticketing system have?

A theme park ticketing system or theme park software should incorporate key features such as:

  • online ticket sales
  • multiple payment options
  • real-time data synchronization
  • capacity management
  • barcode scanning for rapid access control
  • integration with CRM systems for effective customer management
  • reporting tools for monitoring sales and visitor data

What is a virtual theme park?

A virtual theme park is a digital replica of a physical theme park, experienced through technologies like virtual reality (VR). It enables guests to relish rides, attractions, and experiences from their home's comfort. It's a burgeoning trend in the attractions industry.

What is a theme park manager?

A theme park manager is a professional overseeing a theme park's operations. They handle everything from staff and guest experiences to theme park management software, ticket sales, safety protocols, and maintenance. They play a pivotal role in ensuring the park's success.

What technology is used to enhance consumer satisfaction in theme parks?

Technologies such as theme park management custom software solutions, mobile apps, VR and AR, and personalized digital marketing campaigns are employed to enhance consumer satisfaction in theme parks. These technologies enhance the guest experience by simplifying ticket purchases, offering real-time park information, and delivering immersive, personalized experiences.

What are the key components of a theme park?

The key components of a theme park include attractions (rides, shows, exhibits), food and beverage outlets, retail shops, guest services (like ticket sales and customer service), and park management software to streamline operations. A successful theme park also necessitates a dedicated team to manage these components and ensure guest satisfaction.

How do you attract people to a theme park?

Attracting people to a theme park combines marketing strategies, unique attractions, special events, and top-notch customer service. Online ticket sales, social media promotion, and collaborations with travel agencies can also aid in attracting visitors. A well-managed theme park with a robust online presence can effectively attract crowds.

What type of business is an amusement park?

An amusement park is a segment of the entertainment industry. It's a business that offers various forms of entertainment, such as rides, games, shows, and food services, in a large outdoor or indoor space. They generate revenue through ticket sales, food and beverage sales, merchandise, and occasionally additional fees for special attractions.

What makes a theme park successful?

A successful theme park offers unique and thrilling attractions, superior customer service, and a safe and clean environment. It utilizes technologies like theme park management software to streamline operations and enhance guest experiences. Effective marketing strategies, seasonal events, and partnerships with hotels and travel agencies contribute to a theme park's success.

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Simplify and streamline ticketing from front and back

We abolished paper records, paper vouchers and fuel miles from having to deliver hard copy vouchers. We also passed on the savings from postage and printing costs. rep and his team worked tirelessly to get the system implemented on our website.

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Rob C.

Wine and Spirits

Great, flexible with great support from the team!

I run a free walking tours, and they help me getting booking online, through our website. The system is very flexible, and the team helped me with some customization so it fits exactly my need. Great help of the team. I'm super happy with them.

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Daniel B.


Customer focus!

First and foremost, the TicketingHub customer service team is superb - always available to help and the motto: no question is too dumb! The software itself it great, very intuitive with a simple yet effective interface that allows us to sell our products, do some upselling, connect via API with our preferred suppliers and use several payment processors as well.

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Alex P.

Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Operators trust and Love TicketingHub

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Customer focus!

First and foremost, the TicketingHub customer service team is superb - always available to help and the motto: no question is too dumb!
Alex P
June 18, 2019

Outstanding value and customer support

The value for money on this platform is outstanding, especially when you consider the flexibility of the platform and the neat integration within a website.
Dylan S
January 20, 2022

Great, flexible with great support from the team!

The system is very flexible, and the team helped me with some customization so it fits exactly my need. Great help of the team. I'm super happy with them.
Daniel B
October 1, 2019


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