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Ease your theme park’s ticketing process and improve guest experience with our innovative amusement park management software and ticketing system empowered by modern technology.

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TicketingHub provides an amusement park management software and ticketing system solution that helps amusement parks sell tickets on their own website and via multiple sales channels seamlessly. Our software solutions help ticketing distribution and access control systems run smoothly. We enable amusement park and attractions utilise modern technology and grow theme park ticket sales.

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Works Smarter, Not Harder

Our Homemade Recipe For Success

Theme and amusement park tour operators and activity businesses are always looking for ways to increase revenue and grow their business, but the process can be difficult and time-consuming.

To stay ahead, you need to find new and innovative ways to improve all the park's operations to sell amusement park tickets and grow more customers.

TicketingHub’s cloud-based platform makes it easier than ever for your amusement park to manage the booking of reservations and save time. With online booking and a theme park management system, you improve customer service and grow retail sales. Customize your booking page and booking system and increase your theme parks brand’s authenticity while maintaining the online booking software easy to use for your users.

For over seven years now, our online booking software helped over 200 companies grow additional revenue and improve the visitor experience. Focus on selling tickets as we help you manage business operations with our ticketing solutions for growing theme parks.

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Ticketinghub Features

  • Availability Calendar
  • Multi-Currency
  • Data Export
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Team Management
  • Performance Notifications
  • Message Broadcast
  • Central Inbox
  • Customer Relations
Success story

We Revolutionised The Way Egypt Sold Tickets And Helped Boost Sales By Over 500%

The Egyptian government was on the hunt for an innovative booking system to scale and promote their online reservations. Read how onboarding a ticketing system was essential to their growth and why they chose TicketingHub over the competition for this institution.
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At TicketingHub, we’re the market leader in the business of helping attractions, activities, and tour operators– amusement and theme park tours, museums, planetariums, zoos, and more– better manage and market their business on multiple platforms or third party sites possible.

TicketingHub does the difference for theme parks by replacing on-premise legacy systems with modern point-of-sale software solutions. Define blackout dates and cut-off times for booking one, some, or all of your offerings, and view and adapt reservations directly from the dashboard- accessible even on your mobile device. Also, our amusement park software technology lets theme parks and tour operators sell online, on-site, through OTAs, gift shops, and resellers in different ticket types of your choice– all while seamlessly integrating with one ticketing system and managing in one dashboard!

We maintain a unique and customer-centric approach. So we reject investors dictating our product functionality roadmap, and always opting for our customers to drive it. As a result, we customize features to what the travel industry, or your theme or water park needs– to grow.

Our theme park management system and reservation software aims to streamline your theme park capacity management and marketing. We help you sell season passes tickets (or any ticket types) through gift shops or via our booking widget; also, with admission control managing admissions within your theme park, and avoid overbooking. On the other hand, our mobile solutions help you manage tours in just a few clicks at any place possible– sell tickets, print and issue invoices, and sync records from offline to online– all in one dashboard.

Our excellent ticketing software solutions have been helping industry leaders around the world for over six years now. The best tour operators– CitySightseeing, Egyptian Pyramid Show (Sound and Light Show), SecretFoodTours.com, New Europe Tours, London Bridge, Chivas Events, Sipsmith Distillery, and dozens more– are trusting TicketingHub and boosting their sale system solution.

Ease the booking process and enable more customers purchase tickets. Save time. Gain better control. Earn more guests and step up from your competitors as you convert more leads and reach more traffic on your site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does TicketingHub eliminate manual processes of managing bookings and reservations?

A theme park management software and ticketing system lets you say goodbye to inefficient paper and season passes tickets and hello to a more effective way to manage and market your business. No more spreadsheets. No more manual data entry.

TicketingHub is the world's easiest way to sell tickets online, in person, and through distribution partners with our point of sale solution. Our key features help you sell season passes tickets and printable e tickets, let guests buy tickets through quick service restaurant terminals and admission booths around your park. Enable admission control and streamline capacity management via barcode scanning and biometric validation. Not to mention, allows you to use valuable data for marketing.

Our amusement park POS software (or point of sale) and sale system functions with cashless wallet integrations and all key features enable you to upsell opportunities and grow extra money. Besides, our integrations for amusement park POS software syncs seamlessly with your online sales. Thus, offering an end-to-end inventory management be as simple as possible.

Once you set up your website, we handle everything else. It's that easy.

Learn more about how we make amusement parks and tours grow here.

Do you connect with Online Travel Agencies (OTA)?

Yes, we do! TicketingHub ticketing software integrates with the largest OTAs and third party distributors in the industry:

  • TripAdvisor (Viator)
  • Get Your Guide
  • Affiliate Future
  • TXGB
  • Project Expedition

Coming Soon:

  • TripXOXO
  • Isango
  • Civitatis
  • Expedia
  • Groupon
  • Tiqets
  • Klook
  • Headout
  • Musement
  • Google Reserve
  • CTrip
  • Booking.com

Learn more about our third party distributors through our Integrations page.

How does TicketingHub's booking software reduce your no-shows and cancellations?

With TicketingHub you can manage your bookings and availability with a click of the mouse.

Get instant notifications if anyone has unconfirmed tickets for one or more tours in progress. In case a guest wants to change his booking, our magic link feature is ready to offer the best self-service solution. Let your guests change booking and convert a booked tour of a specific date to a gift voucher, instead of cancelling- so you never lose a tour booking and save any no-show.

Before the scheduled tour, message broadcast your guests and remind them of the whole tour details. After the tour, same day, broadcast SMS messages and thank them. Keep them engaged and keep them with your tour!

Learn how TicketingHub streamlines guest management here.

Operators trust and Love TicketingHub

Feedbacks from Capterra website

Absolutley Great

This ticketing system is very versatile and will let you do almost anything you can think of. They have exceptional customer support and seem to know their customers by name so if you have any trouble at all just give them a call and the'll sort it out.
Luke E
June 25, 2019

Best ticketing system that exists on planet earth.

Everything about it rocks. From the developers who are always there to help you with any query, to the easy accessibility of the system and set up.
Andreas D
June 24, 2022

One of the best system for my companies needs.

Overall its been been an invaluable tool and system for my business, helping us both grow and expand. We have used Ticketinghub for a number of years because their system fits perfectly with our needs for selling tickets globally.
Oliver M
June 20, 2019


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