Get Your Guide Supplier Tactics to Skyrocket Tour Bookings

Marketing through distribution channels is one effective way of expanding your business through another business.

In simple words, a distribution channel can help you reach thousands to millions of your target audience by being a supplier on their platform.

So if you want to expand your network and speed up the process of reaching more travelers, integrating with a third-party OTA is a viable option.

This is the sign you've been waiting for! Get Your Guide is one of the most reliable options you can consider.

In this post, we will dive deep into:

  • What is Get Your Guide?
  • Why should I consider becoming a Get Your Guide supplier?
  • How can Get Your Guide grow my tours and activities market?

Let's get started.

What is Get Your Guide?

GetYourGuide - Home Page
GetYourGuide - Home Page

Get Your Guide is the world's leading B2C travel agency platform that connects travelers to tours, attractions, and activities around the world. It works with operators selling city cards, cooking classes, transfers, multi-day tours, and special travel items like Wi-Fi sticks or cultural experiences. Get Your Guide collects all the world's things so tourists spend less time with travel planning and research.

Its humble beginning was conceived in 2007 by co-founders, who were also classmates, namely Johannes, Tao, Martin, and Tobias— when they found themselves heading nowhere as a tourist in the City of Beijing. From there, the idea of helping tourists get the maximum benefit from their tours was born.

The preconceived idea came into maturity in 2008 when Get Your Guide was officially founded in Zurich, Switzerland. Today, Get Your Guide raised more than $650 million from more than 30 million tickets sold around the world. Check out this Inside GetYourGuide video:

How Get Your Guide Helps a Tour Operator

Get Your Guide is the premier online marketplace for tours and activities reaching out to the most distribution channels possible. Being a Get Your Guide supplier opens up the door to marketing to millions of site visits per month.

So, in what ways does Get Your Guide help tour operators market their attractions and reach a wider market audience online?

Here are five ways.

#1 Expand brand exposure to thousands to millions of travelers

If you are in the business of tours and activities– you sure are looking for ways to reach customers with high booking intent.

GetYourGuide Online Travel Agency | Statistics by SimilarWeb
GetYourGuide Online Travel Agency | Statistics by SimilarWeb
According to Similar Web, as of June 2022, GetYourGuide had over 11 million total visits in the month of May alone.

GetYourGuide is ranked in the top 3 of the world's most popular and most trusted online travel agencies. With this said, travelers who visit the site have high booking intent. Thus, enabling you to reach a wider audience, in comparison with the web traffic you receive on your website. Just think of it! You can double or even triple your brand exposure not just in one geographical location, but around the globe.

Sells your brand & activities

One very powerful marketing style of GetYourGuide is it features your tour brand along with the tour a traveler specifically views.

Sells your brand & activities | Image by GetYourGuide
Sells your brand & activities | Image by GetYourGuide

This way, travelers can learn more about your tours and activities. Along with the reviews, photos, tour details, and highlights.

If a customer clicks on the 'Activity Provider' button, it opens up a page featuring your company info and all the other activities you offer.

Activity Provider GetYourGuide
Activity Provider | Image by GetYourGuide

More Helpful Resources for Selling Tours Online:

#2 Speak in tongues & reach international customers

Aside from marketing to a global audience, GetYourGuide offers free product optimization and translation services in 19 major languages.

GetYourGuide offers free product optimization and translation services
GetYourGuide's product optimization and translation services

The platform not only aims to expose your services but to optimize and sell them in the most scalable manner - to as many travelers as possible. Thus, helping you grow more bookings with an audience in the global market.

GetYourGuide also provides its suppliers with powerful analytics tools. So you can track and monitor listing progress and modify it if need be.

Get Your Guide's analytics tools

#3 Location-wise marketing & mobile-ready

More targeted listing by location. GetYourGuide displays your listing not only by specific search terms but also through locations and landmarks. This is called the Fully Incremental Distribution Channel.

How does it help?

In reality, most travelers do not know what a place offers until they arrive.

Suppose a potential customer decides to travel to Berlin, Germany. In search of things to do, he might search 'things to do in Berlin' or simply 'Berlin tours'. Or even simply type the place itself, 'Berlin', if he is searching on the GetYourGuide "where are you going?" search bar.

Fully Incremental Distribution Channel
Fully Incremental Distribution Channel | Get Your Guide

He surely wouldn't know there is a river cruise, a food tour, or a museum to see. He might have an idea, but the excitement and intent only come when they see it- when they're there.

Due to this, GetYourGuide allows you to list your tours and activities by geographical location and landmarks, in addition to making them available by specific search criteria.

GetYourGuide allows you to list your tours and activities by geographical location and landmarks
List your tours and activities by geographical location and landmarks.

This way, you can reach different sets of travelers- from newcomers, and current travelers, to future tourists, and even those just skimming through a desired potential travel destination.

It is also mobile-ready. Most people do their travel research and bookings on mobile.

According to 2022 statistics, "70% of all customers do their research on a smartphone" with "over 148 million travel bookings made annually". –

With the GetYourGuide app, online travel agents can effectively reach their audience online if their site is mobile-ready and mobile-responsive.

Mobile-ready website by GetYourGuide
Mobile-ready website by GetYourGuide

GetYourGuide makes it easy for tours to reach their audience on mobile. The platform has a mobile app available for both Android and iOS users, with an easy mobile interface and mobile-friendly content. So you don't have to do it yourself.

#4 Only pay for successful bookings

So how does payment work with GetYourGuide? After accomplishing the registration form with GetYourGuide, a member of the team will get in touch with you as soon as possible and discuss commission fee rates with you.

What is the basis of commission rates?

  • Destination
  • Type of Activity

But don't worry, you don't have to pay for every listing. GetYourGuide only charges per successful booking. Usually, tour and attraction operators can expect to pay between 20-30%. Not to mention, you can avail discounts if you are a high-volume Get Your Guide supplier.

How about the payout?

The payout can either be bi-weekly or monthly. Generally, the platform offers monthly payouts for successful bookings minus the commission. You can also opt for a bi-weekly payout system, but it comes with a surcharge.

Read more about 'How Payments Work' with GetYourGuide.

#5 Works with the most booking platforms

Most of all, GetYourGuide connects with most booking platform providers.

Why is it important?

Aside from having a direct connection with an OTA, using a reservation system to manage your tours and activities is one ingredient for a tour guide operation's success.

What a reservation and booking system does:

  • Syncs booking details across offline to online bookings
  • Simplify the booking process for travelers and your backend
  • Connects you to other distribution channels
  • Offers real-time availability of tours
  • Centralizes contact details in one dashboard through CRM integration
  • Lets customers book directly on your website

With a booking system plus a Get Your Guide supplier account, your tours will be 10x more efficient and scalable in no time!

TicketingHub + Get Your Guide supplier

TicketingHub works with GetYourGuide!

TicketingHub + Get Your Guide supplier
TicketingHub + Get Your Guide supplier

How does it work?

TicketingHub connects your live inventory to provide real-time availability of your tickets and tours across all your connected distribution channels, including the ones you sell on the GetYourGuide platform. TicketingHub is also available as an application compatible with both Android and iOS mobile users. As a result, you can stay ahead of the status and progress of your business and bookings on the go.

Check our free guide on how to boost your on-site ticket sales here: Here Is Our Comprehensive 6-Step Guide To Drastically Improve Tours And Tickets Website Conversion Rates!

Final Thoughts

When you become a Get Your Guide supplier, your tours and activities skyrocket. Reach more travelers, expand marketing strategies, and be mobile-ready. Ultimately, earn more money. This is your sign to get started!

Do you find this article helpful? Let us know in the comments below. We'd love to know your thoughts.

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