5 Things to Know: Online Booking Software for Tour Operators

Managing tours and activities businesses can be really fun and exciting - until you deal with the backend tasks!

Tour planning, pricing, seasonality demand, client satisfaction, cancellations and refunds, phone calls, marketing... the list goes on and on!

Your time is packed with management chores without you knowing it. You need a cloud-based online booking and reservation system that simplifies everything!

Finding the best system for you, though, might be tricky.

So what exactly should you look for in a tour operating software?

Online Booking Software for Tour Operators

Tours and activities grow with the right online booking software.

Tour reservation software is an online system that allows businesses to manage their tours and activities. It should include features that will enable your customers to do online booking and payment of tours. The tour reservation system should also be able to manage multi-day tours, bookings, cancellations, and refunds; and helps you connect your business and products on OTAs for tours and activities.

Look for an Online Booking Software That ...

1. Reduces your workload, and do not add to it.

Do more for your tours with an online booking software.

Always remember the main reason why you opted for a centralized system, that is to save time and do more.

But how can you do so if you instead spend more time configuring the software, and not really using it?

This is why you should look for a ticketing system that is easy, streamlined, and fast.

With an easy online reservation tool, you and your staff should be able to use it in no time. Being streamlined lets you do your tasks in less time with more efficiency.

Access tour bookings on the go with a cloud-based booking software.

Automation tools also come in handy in this regard.

Automating helps you reduce admin staff and tasks. Instead of manually answering customer queries, automation lets you do the self-service customer management; and rather than manually validating bookings and sending out confirmation emails, automation lets you do it easily in clicks or by setup.

2. Grows with you.

Integrate with the best suppliers in the tourism industry.

Integrating with a cloud-based booking system means committing your business to a third party.

Thus, how the other party performs affects your performance as well.

You cannot afford to settle for a platform that's only willing to do business for you with only a few customers, or regions, or with limited time.

Make sure to assess the third party supplier you're planning to integrate with.

So ask:

  • How's the company growing?
  • How are they helping their clients scale?
  • Are they stable enough to stay competitive in the market?

Choosing the right tour operating software will help you scale your business.

3. Allows Better Team Collaboration.

The right booking software allows you to effectively collaborate with your team.

While automation might speed up admin duties, nothing beats teamwork.

Workforce planning should be effortless with an online system. Access bookings and customer database, assign tour guides, and share ideas. Also, to automate waiting lists and sending of automatic notifications.

Teamwork helps achieve efficient workflows.

How can this help?

Efficient collaboration = efficient workflows. A tool with staff management can easily answer customer queries and promptly handle issues.

As a result?

Better customer service and smooth internal operations.

4. Lets you do everything in one place.

Do everything in one place.

Exciting tours and unique booking experiences stem from efficient business management, which requires activity operators to wear multiple hats.

Of course, you can find a plethora of tools and software to address multiple needs in the process. But, this may require you to jump from one tool to another.

Before you know it, you are paying for 10 tools at a time!

Streamline processes and the backend in one system.

This is how an online booking system helps!

An end-to-end solution lets you do everything without leaving the booking platform. From creating to assigning tours, billing to processing payments, and marketing to analyzing customer information- an online booking software solution can have it all for you!

TicketingHub all-in-one dashboard
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5. Values you as a client.

customer service
Choose a platform with stellar customer support.

Finally, choose a solution that won't leave users after paying the subscription fee.

Mostly, tour operators find tour booking system providers to be promising in ads and claims, but they're not easy to contact for concerns.

Look for a software provider that values you as a client.

TicketingHub cutsomer reviews
TicketingHub all-5-star customer reviews.
How can you make sure to find one?
  • See customer reviews.
  • Look for virtual help desks and guides on their own website.
  • Test it during the free trial period.

In reality, every software provider should claim stellar customer support, but you will never know until you're on the hook with the tool.

Must-Have Features for Tour Operators

Management & Online Bookings

The right booking software makes ticketing and reservation management easy.
  • User-friendly & intuitive
  • Integration with various payment gateways
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Staff collaboration
  • Resource Manager


Scale your tours with tools and analytics.
  • Calendar scheduling sync
  • Automates processes and reports
  • Provides you with insightful analytics and insights


Improve the marketing processes and strategies of your tours.
  • Online and in-person selling of tours and activities
  • Reporting tools (Integrates with Google AdWords)
  • Connects with distribution channels to sell more tours online
  • Option to pass booking fee to guests or absorb it
  • No consumer fees
  • Upselling of addons, gift certificates, promotions, or vouchers
  • Does not charge abusive commissions

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What You Need

You need more than just tour operator software for managing tours.

Every tour operator deserves software that grows and scales with them. To foster business growth, you need automation tools to streamline backend tasks; and you need better team communication to improve internal operations.

Above all else, it should provide you with personalized customer support and never leave you hanging.

How about you, what are you looking for in an online booking system? Let us know in the comment section below. We'd love to hear from you!

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