UPDATED: October 5, 2023

The travel tech industry has been shaken by an impressive deal:

Rezdy, an Australian online booking platform, has been acquired by a US private equity firm for $120 million. - according to The Australian Financial Review

The significant deal spotlights the escalating importance of digital solutions in the tours and activities segment. It also spotlights the potential for disruptive startups to revolutionize the global travel market.

The Visionary Behind Rezdy

At the heart of this tale is the visionary founder, Simon Lenoir. Simon is a French expat whose journey from an IT professional at Schneider Electric to a successful entrepreneur is inspirational.

Online booking software and solutions built for travel businesses.

A scuba diving stint in Thailand revealed the pains of traditional booking methods. This inspired Lenoir to develop a platform and website that reshaped the tour and activity booking process - The Rezdy booking system.

Revolutionizing the booking experience

Rezdy channel manager - booking software for tour and activity operators | Visit their website.

Lenoir’s IT background and experience managing bookings in Thailand helped him identify a critical gap in the industry.

The inception of Rezdy brought convenience, efficiency, and seamless user experience to the tours and activities sector. This changed the game for tour operators and travelers alike.

His innovative booking software platform set an unprecedented standard, revolutionizing the industry.

A remarkable growth story

Rezdy's exponential growth and innovative revenue model were key to its strong market position.

Its dual-income approach, generating revenue from software monthly subscription service and fees and a share of booking fees on its platform, led to an impressive multi-million dollars in annualized recurring revenue at the time of its acquisition.

Investment and networking impact

Early investor Lez Szekely can't be overemphasized. Despite initial hurdles, Szekely saw the potential in Lenoir's vision and was instrumental in Rezdy's journey.

This partnership, initiated through the Sydney Angels network, underscores the value of professional network support and strategic investment in the startup ecosystem.

A Vision for the Future

Even after Rezdy's sale, Lenoir is not ready to rest. He declares his ambitions to launch one or two more startups, emphasizing his relentless entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to propelling innovation within the travel industry.

His vision offers a tantalizing glimpse into travel tech's future, imbuing the story with anticipation and excitement.

Rezdy Merger Update: Joining Forces with Checkfront

In a significant move for the travel technology sector, Rezdy, following its notable acquisition, has now officially merged with Checkfront. A strategic merger, finalized on June 15, stands out as one of the biggest deals in the tours and activities technology landscape in 2018.

The merger's roots trace back nearly five years when both companies first contemplated the idea. They recognized their synergies as strong, trusted brands dedicated to industry advancement.

While the exact financial details remain undisclosed, the merger's magnitude is comparable to the $250 million acquisition of FareHarbor by Booking Holdings in 2018. Operationally, both Checkfront and Rezdy will retain their individual brand identities. They will focus on enhancing customer relationships and introducing innovative market features for online bookings.

This merger not only solidifies the combined entity's position as the largest private, independently-owned reservation technology company but also underscores the potential for strategic independence in the travel tech domain.

But that is not all! Something more significant happened after 2 months of the massive merger.

A Rapid Succession to Strategic Mergers: Regiondo Unites with Rezdy and Checkfront

Just two months following the notable merger of Rezdy and Checkfront, another significant union has transpired in the reservation technology sector. This is Regiondo joining the alliance. This swift succession of mergers signals a dynamic and strategic shift in the tours and activities reservations industry sector.

Three dominant entities - Regiondo, Rezdy, and Checkfront - come together to forge a powerful global reservation management solution. Oliver Nützel, CEO of Regiondo, has expressed his optimism regarding the future implications this merger will have on the industry, as the trio leverages their collective regional expertise.

Regiondo, a leading restech company based in Munich, serves over 6,000 customers across key European markets. Rezdy, an Australian firm, brings its strong foothold in the Asia-Pacific market, and Checkfront, from Canada, contributes its substantial North American presence to the alliance.

This coalition, formed in a remarkably short timeframe, aims to expedite the digitization of the tours and activities sector. This sector remains fragmented and offline. The merger, occurring in quick succession, symbolizes a significant stride towards enhanced digital integration within the travel tech industry. It also demonstrates a proactive and strategic approach to navigating the global travel market's complexities and demands.


Big things are happening in travel tech! Rezdy, a top online booking platform, was bought for $120 million. It then joined forces with Checkfront and Regiondo, making them a super team in the travel booking world. This isn’t just business as usual - it’s a game-changer for how we book our adventures and trips online.

In simple words, these powerhouse companies coming together means they’ll be a one-stop-shop for travel businesses to manage bookings from travelers all over the world, all in one spot. It’s like when your favorite superhero team joins forces to save the world but for travel bookings!

For all the travel lovers and those who make our fun trips possible, this means smooth sailing ahead for booking our next adventures. And for the smart folks running these companies, it’s all about making things easier, faster, and better for travelers and tour operators alike.

It's more than a business move for these titans to merge, it's a step toward a brighter future, where travel and technology are interwoven to create more accessible, smoother adventures for all. Let's look forward to effortless bookings, boundless explorations, and constant growth in travel tech! 🚀

An online booking software can provide you new features in customer support, managing bookings, staff, and guests - in an easy user interface that saves you and your customers hours.

You may ask...

What is an online booking system?

An online booking system, crucial for activity providers in the travel sector, offers a user-friendly platform to efficiently manage reservations and online bookings through a cloud-based channel management system. It not only streamlines the booking process for customers but also simplifies booking management for businesses. This ensures full control over reservations without lock-in contracts.

How do online booking systems work?

online booking system process
How online booking software works for tour operators.

Online booking systems, particularly crucial for businesses experiencing high demand, operate by offering a platform where customers can verify availability, lock in their desired date or time slot, and execute secure payments directly, thanks to robust payment integration.

The system, dedicated to ensuring a seamless booking experience, updates availability in real-time, eliminates overbooking, and utilizes intricate algorithms to sustain smooth operations without malfunctioning software issues.

Furthermore, these systems often come with phone support to assist users and can integrate various distribution channels to broaden the reach of the listed offerings. This ensures businesses can efficiently manage bookings from various platforms centralized.

How does an online booking system benefit the travel tech industry?

dashboard, tracker, live calendar
Track everything in a single dashboard - manage bookings, assign staff, track growth, do more.

The travel tech industry reaps numerous benefits from online booking systems, such as enhanced efficiency, minimized manual work, and an elevated customer experience. These systems automate the booking process, offering instant confirmations, secure payment integrations, and 24/7 booking capabilities. This increases bookings but also elevates customer satisfaction, particularly for small businesses.

What are some examples of online booking systems in the travel tech industry?

In the travel tech industry, several online booking systems, like Rezdy, Checkfront, TrekkSoft, Peek, and TicketingHub, stand out. These platforms, often celebrated in Capterra reviews, enable tour operators and accommodation providers to manage bookings effectively. This provides a user-friendly and efficient booking experience for travelers, without a credit card required for initial trials.

How have online reservation systems affected the travel tech industry?

Online booking systems have significantly influenced the travel tech industry by fostering online travel agencies. In addition, they have increased direct bookings from hotels and tour operators. They've made travel more accessible, offering customers abundant information and flexible booking options.

Moreover, they've enhanced the customer experience by ensuring that businesses can focus on providing stellar services with the assistance of a reliable team. This is without worrying about channel management complexities.

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