As 2023 rapidly approaches, tour operators around the world are looking for ways to stay ahead in the travel industry. To help them get a jumpstart on their plans and make sure they don’t miss out on any key opportunities, we have curated a thorough list of the 2023 travel trade shows and conferences that will be taking place throughout the year.

From cities such as New York, London, Berlin, and Las Vegas to far-flung destinations such as Cairo, Tokyo, and Rio de Janeiro – these travel trade shows bring together some of the best minds in tourism from around the world.

Exhibitors at each event include keynote speakers discussing current trends in travel marketing and sales strategies; entrepreneurs who can give insights into how best to develop new products; sustainability experts sharing tips on how destinations can remain green even during periods of immense growth; plus plenty more advice for those seeking inspiration for their tours or businesses within this ever-changing industry.

Level up 2023 with Tourism Trade Shows

So if you’re an ambitious and dedicated tour operator ready to grow your business or expand into exciting new markets this coming year – make sure you check out our comprehensive list below to find all of the key events happening throughout 2023!

To make it easy for you to find the best match, we’ve arranged travel trade shows by month and highlighted key topics and industries that can help you decide which show is best for you. 

What is a Travel Trade Show?

Travel Trade Shows are large-scale events that bring together professionals from across the travel industry. They are designed to provide a platform for travel companies, tour operators, hotel chains, and other related businesses to come together and share ideas, network and showcase their products and services.

Attending travel trade shows is an ideal way for travel professionals to gain insights into current trends in the industry, connect with potential partners, and forge new connections with customers.

What is the main purpose of a trade show?

Attending travel trade shows is an invaluable opportunity for tour operators to get ahead of the competition and ensure that their business stays on top in the ever-evolving travel industry.

Here are just a few reasons why tour operators should consider attending these events:

  • Discover new destinations, itinerary options, products, and services
  • Network with potential partners and customers
  • Meet industry experts who can help tour operators expand their business
  • Learn about the latest trends in tourism marketing and sales strategies
  • Stay up to date on new technologies and sustainability initiatives
  • Find out about the latest opportunities in travel and tourism
  • Get inspired for fresh ideas for their tours or business
Tourism trade shows helps you get ahead from the freshest travel insights, networking opportunities, and latest travel technology.

What is the difference between a trade show and a conference?

A trade show is an event centered around a particular industry or sector, during which organizations and businesses can showcase their services, products, itinerary options, and technologies to prospective customers and partners.

During a trade show, exhibitors will typically have booths set up where they can market their offerings and establish relationships with new leads and potential buyers. Trade shows often run over multiple days and usually include seminars on safety protocols, keynote speeches, informational travel workshops, and other educational activities.

A conference is an event that focuses on a specific topic or theme related to the industry in question. It can involve presentations from industry experts and panel discussions on topics of interest. Conferences are often used as an opportunity for professionals within the sector to discuss current trends and best practices.

Upcoming 2023 Travel Trade Shows and Conferences

We've carefully sorted travel trade shows and conferences by month and highlighted the topics and industries that will benefit your tour business the most. Some have two and even up to eight events scheduled for this year, so we listed all their events under one subheading for easier navigation.

So without further ado, here is a comprehensive list of all the travel shows taking place in 2023 around the world.

Arival Events for 2023

Arival Travel is the talk of the travel industry, renowned as the ultimate resource for anyone working in space.

At Arival, you'll get more than just keynotes from industry superstars.

There are also informational travel workshops and panels to fill out your toolkit with business basics such as channel management, dynamic pricing strategies, and digital marketing.

Plus, Arival's program of forward-thinking talks explores sustainability and DEI initiatives that apply to your business—gleaned from on-the-ground experts with firsthand experience.

Arival is more than just an event—it's a guarantee of up-to-date insight that will drive your business forward.

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Skift Megatrends: Defining Travel in 2023

  • January 10 – New York City & Online
  • January 11 – London (In-person)

Skift Megatrends is back bigger and better than ever, with exclusive insights from top travel experts around the globe to help guide the industry through an unpredictable post-pandemic world.

Skift Megatrends 2023 will unpack the trends that will shape the next two years; a much-needed resource as we navigate major shifts in consumer demand and industry innovation.

Tune into Skift’s latest reporter briefing series to get ahead of what‘s coming and prepare businesses for success in 2023.

Reserve your spot on Skift's website.

Fitur 2023

  • January 18-23, 2023
  • Madrid, Spain

Fitur 2023 is going to be the biggest travel and tourism event of the year!

Building upon Fitur as a leading trade fair for inbound and outbound markets in Latin America, this year’s Fitur will make sure to cover all things related to the future of technology and business in tourism.

From destination management, cruises, internationalization, and beyond — Fitur 2023 will focus on finding solutions that help strengthen travel and tourism post-pandemic for the inbound and outbound markets anywhere in the globe..

Register for Fitur 2023 through their website here.

IMPACT Sustainability Travel & Tourism

  • January 22-25, 2023
  • Victoria, Canada

IMPACT 2023 is set to be a game-changer for sustainable tourism development across Canada. The initiative seeks to bring together the best of industry, research, and the public sector to create innovative solutions that will help protect our unique Canadian nature while ensuring destinations and communities can benefit from responsible tourism.

Together, IMPACT 2023 will drive inspiring collaborations to ensure positive change, rooted in science and innovation to demonstrate sustainable strategies that can be replicable nationwide.

Register for IMPACT 2023 through their website here.

Travel & Adventure Shows

America's favorite travel show, The Travel and Adventure Shows is coming to 8 cities across the USA in 2023! The showcase will travel to Chicago, Boston, New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, and Dallas - giving tour operators and travel agents the perfect platform to market their services directly to consumers.

The Travel and Adventure Show is North America’s go-to event for anyone wanting to explore new destinations, get the latest info on their next trip, or connect with some of the world's leading global travel providers. The event allows travelers to plan an unforgettable trip and receive invaluable advice from industry experts in a single day.

The combination of exciting destinations, valuable insight, and the chance to talk directly to representatives from various operators makes The Travel and Adventure Show a must-attend event for anyone looking for their next great getaway!

Click here to buy tickets directly from TAS' Website.

ETOA 2023 Events

ETOA provides an exclusive platform for global European travel professionals to network and drive their businesses forward with the ETOA Annual Marketplace.

In 2023, ETOA has taken it a step further by delivering an extensive range of webinars beyond the traditional meet and greet - providing drop-in sessions, facts and figures, expert panels discussing destination recovery plans, and even origin market insights!

ETOA is a powerhouse of opportunities - giving buyers and suppliers alike the chance to make valuable connections, so don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to propel your business forward.

Know more about ETOA Events 2023

ITB 2023

  • March 7-9, 2023
  • Berlin, Germany

ITB Berlin 2023 is the ultimate destination for travel professionals and pioneers, where trends are made and valuable connections are formed!

Change is THE buzzword of ITB this year, as it slowly begins to re-emerge from a global pandemic. ITB Berlin is the world´s biggest travel show and convention enabling global leaders in the industry to take action on the reunification of in-person travel experiences.

ITB is bursting with opportunity, so don't miss out - get ready to join your fellow professionals on their mission to make tourism great again at ITB Berlin 2023!

Visit the ITB website for tickets and exhibitions.

Las Vegas Travel Agent Forum

  • March 31 to April 3, 2023
  • Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Travel Agent Forum is your ultimate destination to discover the magic of travel. Put yourself in the thick of the action, engaging with top professionals from the industry.

Immerse yourself in a global marketplace of vacation experiences and enjoy exclusive business resources designed to enhance your enterprise. With limited space available, this B2B leisure travel agency program brings together an incredible 360-degree approach to networking, education, and business opportunities. 

Visit their website for tickets and booth registration here.

World Travel Market (WTM) Africa

  • April 3-5, 2023
  • Cape Town, South Africa

World Travel Market Africa is the premier platform for meeting, networking, doing business, and growing in the travel industry.

With over 6,000 representatives from around the African continent each year, World Travel Market Africa presents a unique opportunity for companies to make contacts, launch new products and services, raise brand awareness, size up the potential competition, conduct market research, and gain press coverage.

As part of one of the most influential events in the global travel sector – including WTM London and Arabian Travel Market Show (See below)– World Travel Market Africa is dedicated to helping businesses drive commercial success and accelerate growth.

Register with WTM Africa here.

International Conference on Food, Tourism and Destination Management

  • April 13-14, 2023
  • Rome, Italy

If you live and breathe food, tourism, and destination management, mark your calendars - the International Conference on Food, Tourism, and Destination Management is here!

This incredible event provides a platform for like-minded professionals to exchange experiences and research results, as well as discuss the most innovative trends from their respective fields.

Here’s your chance to attend hands-on sessions on relevant topics and gain insight into practical challenges that field experts have encountered – all that in one jam-packed conference!

Know more about registration here.

Arabian Travel Market Show

  • May 1-4, 2023
  • DWTC Dubai, UAE

Get ready to travel the world from Dubai! Arabian Travel Market Show is an international tourism event offering something for everyone – from tour operators and hospitality providers to tech trends and attractions – all to demonstrate potential in the Middle East.

Come 2023, this event will be one worth looking forward to; it will focus on creating net zero impact while exploring sustainable travel trends that shape business strategies. Get ready to set off on a green journey with Arabian Travel Market Show!

Take part, register, and know more about ATM-Dubai here.

U.S. Travel Association’s IPW

  • May 20-24, 2023
  • San Antonio, Texas

IPW is the best of the best when it comes to international inbound travel. It's an event that brings together US exhibitors, buyers, and media from 70+ countries to collaborate on promoting America as a top global destination.

What makes IPW so successful is that it creates business opportunities while driving $5.5 billion of future tourism into the US - it shows potential travelers all the amazing places they can visit! For businesses that have partnerships with the U.S. travel industry, IPW presents a unique opportunity to host international meetings and show their product to foreign marketers.

As far as sure-fire ways to get Americans out exploring their own country and prospects from overseas wanting to holiday here, IPW is your go-to ticket!

Register for IPW 2023 here.

International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) Asia Pacific

If you're a luxury travel connoisseur in search of brand-new partnerships or need to stay in the know on industry developments, ILTM Events is where it's at. 

From connecting with like-minded advisors and brands to learning about the latest trends and developments, ILTM has got you covered.

Every event offers premier access to a unique selection of luxury travel brands, personalized meetings, and networking opportunities - all of which take place at their global flagship events in Cannes, Asia Pacific, and core locations such as Arabia, Latin America, and North America. Plus they have an extra special event dedicated just to Africa - ideal for finding everything you need to know about luxury travel in this area!

Business Travel (BTN) Show Europe

  • June 28-29, 2023
  • London, United Kingdom

Business Travel (BTN) Show Europe is the ultimate networking paradise for professionals in the travel and tourism industry. Who wouldn't want to get their hands on vital insights from top executives?

This annual extravaganza brings its attendees a wide array of keynote speakers and topics, ranging from sustainable travel, diversity, behavioral economics, and traveler management.

With such an amazing lineup every year, Business Travel (BTN) Show Europe is the one place to be for any travel industry professional wanting to experience the latest trends, benchmark other companies’ strategies, and acquire relevant information from experts in their field!

Sign up for updates and register for interest here.

Destinations International Annual Convention 2023

  • July 18-20, 2023
  • Dallas, Texas

If you work in the travel industry, you know that the last few years have been a real ride. From the COVID-19 pandemic to social unrest and budget cuts, these ever-changing times mean that all destination management professionals are constantly adapting.

That's why it’s great that Destinations International Annual Convention 2023 is happening!

Grab your ticket ASAP for valuable insights from representatives in the field on recovery strategies, networking opportunities with peers, and more. It’s the perfect place to gain new knowledge about this rapidly changing industry.

Keep posted for convention updates on their website.

Adventure Travel World Summit

  • September 11-14, 2023
  • Hokkaido, Japan

The upcoming Adventure Travel World Summit is set to be the event of the year for adventure travel professionals. The ATTA Community is bringing this unique experience to Asia, with an estimated 800 attendees gathering from around the world to explore, network, and promote the best of adventure travel.

From inspiring keynotes and enlightening panel discussions to a bustling international marketplace showcasing content from new destinations across Asia, a Day Of Adventure offering up immersive experiences and MediaConnect Sessions providing a networking platform for pitching ideas — get ready for The Adventure Travel World Summit in Asia!

See more event information and registration details.

Digital Travel Summit US 2023

  • September 12-13, 2023
  • Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Digital Travel Summit US 2023 is the premier event for travel executives to ignite their customer journey - and you don't want to miss out!

Get savvy insight from top minds in hotel chains, OTAs, airlines, and transportation companies, as well as other industry players on how to optimize personalization and elevate your online strategies.

With Digital Travel Summit allowing you to connect with 300+ leaders committed to shaping the travel industry of tomorrow, you'll obtain the necessary weapons to WIN THE BOOKING each time. 

Know more about Digital Travel Summit 2023 here.

IFTM Top Resa

  • October 3-5, 2023
  • Paris - Porte de Versailles

IFTM Top Resa is an essential gathering for anyone in the French tourism industry. With over 32,000 experts and 1,700 companies attending annually, IFTM Top Resa has become the best in its class.

The show's villages are impressively organized into 21 different themes of exhibition space that are sign-posted to make it easy to find just what you're looking for.

IFTM Top Resa is the number one event in France with a plethora of potential business opportunities. This year is sure to be no different!

Sign up for updates here.

IMEX America

  • October 17-19, 2023
  • Las Vegas

IMEX America is the award-winning showcase that brings together all corners of the meetings industry - during IMEX professionals from all sectors meet, network, and do business.

Held at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas IMEX hosts four days full of fun - you'll get to attend specialist education sessions and meet up with industry leaders all for free! Plus there are plenty of networking opportunities, both on and off the trade show floor.

Register your interest and sign up for free here.

ITB Asia

  • October 25-27, 2023
  • Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

ITB Asia is a unique tourism experience that sets itself apart from all others. With over 11,000 participants in attendance at its hybrid BtoB and BtoC gathering on the Asian continent, ITB Asia gives attendees an unbeatable insight into the industry.

The event is particularly ideal for those companies looking to grow their business in the east, as 70% of buyers hail from Asia.

ITB Asia has also gained a reputation for its efficiency when it comes to business opportunities – over 22,000 meetings were registered during last year's conference alone!

ITB Asia is truly a must-attend event if you want your profile on the rise in the east.

Register and know more about ITB Asia here.

IBTM World

  • November 28-30, 2023
  • Barcelona, Spain

IBTM World is the place to be for businesses in the meetings, incentives, conferences, and events industry.

Each year, this event brings together 15,000+ industry professionals from across the globe to establish meaningful connections with 3,000+ destinations and suppliers. IBTM World fosters innovative experiences to guarantee customers exceptional results by providing key industry insights, unparalleled networking opportunities, and more.

Join IBTM World to be part of an inspiring event and discover how collaborations can help create better business outcomes!

Register your interest here.

WTM London

  • November 6-8, 2023
  • ExCel, London

WTM London is the must-attend event for anyone in the travel industry!

As the leading international travel event, WTM London allows tourism professionals to unlock business opportunities inbound and outbound as well as connect with other global players.

The premier location brings accommodation and hospitality, renowned destinations and attractions, innovative travel technology providers, airlines, and world-class travel buyers under one roof.

WTM London is also a great chance to showcase your brand and services to a large international press by attending interactive events year after year.

See the latest updates on their website.


As we move into the new year, it's time to start thinking about which tourism trade shows and conferences you'll attend in 2023. Attending these travel events is a great way to stay up-to-date on current trends in the tourism industry, connect with potential partners, and build relationships with customers.

Whether you're interested in Adventure Travel, Culinary Tourism, or Sustainable Tourism, we have a trade show for you. We've sorted through all of the upcoming events and highlighted the ones that will be most beneficial for your tour business. 

Start planning now for a productive and successful 2023!

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