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Looking for Regiondo alternatives? Get rid of high fees and discover TicketingHub's ease. Our platform offers an intuitive UI, exceptional customer support, and an SEO-optimized booking experience, all at an affordable 3% per booking - unlimited users. Try TicketingHub now!

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Get started selling tickets with TicketingHub in minutes. We're a top-rated booking software and earned 5 stars in product reviews from tour operators on Capterra.


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It's all about you. We're here to help you 24x7 via chat and email. We make tour operators day-to-day operations easy and keep your customers happy.


Save money

Get more done in less time for only 3% booking fees. No hidden fees, no surprises.

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Get direct bookings and simplify your business operations with our advanced automation tools. From managing bookings and ticket sales to streamlining the booking process, we do it all for you.

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Keep guests up to date

Keep your guests in the loop with our user-friendly broadcast feature. With just a few clicks, you can send updates and notifications to your guests.

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Guide assignments

Free up your time with TicketingHub's automated guide and reservation management system. With automatic notifications and booking confirmations, you're always in control, effortlessly.

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Automatically grow reviews

Boost your online reputation and attract more customers. With us, you can automatically send review requests to guests, so your tours get the buzz they deserve in the tourism industry.

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Email automation

From the first online booking confirmation to post-experience feedback, our automated emails maintain constant communication with your clients. Better for them, best for you.

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Start selling tickets in minutes! We make it easy to integrate our ticketing system into your booking website with one line of code and customize everything—colors, layout, prices—without coding, directly from our backend. Save time and stay in line with your brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does TicketingHub Save Costs Compared to Regiondo?

No Monthly Fees

  • Regiondo might charge you 49€ to 199€ monthly. Plus additional ticket fees and system usage fees.
  • But with TicketingHub, you avoid those fees entirely, paying only 3% per booking.

Unique Features

  • Our booking system includes the first-ever Magic Link for self-service booking management.
  • An Email Validator to eliminate invalid bookings.
  • A customizable, SEO-friendly booking widget that's easy to add to your own website.

Why is TicketingHub's Customer Service Better?

  • Proven Satisfaction: See our positive reviews on Capterra, G2, and Software Advice.
  • Always Available: Our team is ready 24/7 to help you sell tickets online and manage bookings more effectively.
  • Helpful Resources: Our helpdesk offers detailed guides and tutorials, ensuring you get the most from our booking solution.

How Does TicketingHub's Booking Widget Improve Online Visibility?

  • Simple Integration: Adding our widget to your website requires just one line of code.
  • Customizable and Multilingual: Tailor the booking experience to your brand and reach a global audience.
  • SEO-Friendly: A lightweight design means your site loads fast, keeping more customers engaged and boosting SEO.
  • Versatile: Whether you're in the leisure industry, run an amusement park, or need a channel manager, our online booking software enhances your ability to sell tickets online through your own website and attract more customers.

Operators trust and Love TicketingHub

Feedbacks from Capterra website

Great, flexible with great support from the team!

The system is very flexible, and the team helped me with some customization so it fits exactly my need. Great help of the team. I'm super happy with them.
Daniel B
October 1, 2019

Customer focus!

First and foremost, the TicketingHub customer service team is superb - always available to help and the motto: no question is too dumb!
Alex P
June 18, 2019

Outstanding value and customer support

The value for money on this platform is outstanding, especially when you consider the flexibility of the platform and the neat integration within a website.
Dylan S
January 20, 2022


Online, in-person, and through trusted resellers all in one place through our online tour booking software.

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