Searching for Rezdy alternatives for your tour and activity business?

If you run tours, work in a travel agency, or manage destination management companies, you need a simple platform.

It should let you handle online bookings, customer data, and reservations easily.

Choosing the right online booking system that fits your tour business' needs is a must.

The right booking system should make your life easier, make your customers happy, and bring you money.

Here, we cover the best alternatives to Rezdy in 2024. We've got solutions with high-end features and flexible pricing to handle your business needs.

If you're upgrading or trying to find a better deal, these solutions can smooth out things.

Why Look for Alternative Booking Software Solutions?

Rezdy is widely recognized as top-notch booking software, beloved for its service quality.

However, as popular as it is, its fixed monthly fee plus a 2% booking fee makes some users look for alternatives with similar features, but for less.

The search for a more affordable booking system doesn't negate Rezdy's excellence. It's more about getting a solution that fits with your business needs and goals.

In this article, you'll find cost-effective solutions to help you make more money while keeping your customers happy.

Service Total No. of Features Integrations Pricing Free Trial
Rezdy 64 Yes $49.00 per month + 2% per booking Yes
TicketingHub 81 Yes $0/month + 3% per booking Yes
FareHarbor 68 Yes $0/month + 6% per booking Yes
Xola 55 Yes "$199/month or $0 transactional plan + 3% to 6% booking fee" Yes
Bókun 45 Yes $49/month + 1.50% Yes
Peek Pro 69 Yes $199 setup fee + 6% booking fee Yes

TicketingHub: Top Rezdy Alternative with Zero Monthly Fees + Unmatched Features

best rezdy alternatives

Looking for a Rezdy alternative that won't break the bank?

Meet TicketingHub, the new way to sell tours.

Manage your online and direct bookings, along with inventory, without monthly fees.

Yes, you read that right—zero monthly fees!

TicketingHub charges only 3% per booking. So you only pay while you earn.

Our management platform lets you run tours, activities, and experiences like a pro with unmatched customer support.

Here's how we can help you save money and revamp your booking process.

Seamless Integration and Brand Customization

customizable booking widget that's fast and easy to integrate with your website

The Most Lightweight Booking Widget

TicketingHub's booking widget goes beyond the basics. It's the most lightweight and customizable booking engine available. Built for seamless integration.

You'll keep your website's identity, boosting direct bookings and client engagement.

"The software has increased our ticket and voucher sales, so it's given our tour guides extra work."- Rob C., Wine and Spirits

Enhancing Customer Experience with Innovative Tools

self booking management tool

The Magic Link to Self-Rebookings

Running a tour business, you need to focus on growth rather than taking phone calls. This is why TicketingHub brings you Magic Link.

This tool lets your booked guests change their tickets on their own. You can give them the options to change the date, give the ticket as a voucher, or cancel.

It's time-saving for you and your clients.

But, makes a big difference in the booking experience.

Email Validator to Save Time

Another custom built automated solution we offer is the email validator.

Using this tool ensures accuracy right off the bat. So booking goes faster and easier.

Say goodbye to communication gaps and booking errors with the email validator.

customer review from capterra by Daniel

Recovering Lost Sales with Smart Automation

follow up incomplete checkouts

Abandoned Cart Drip Campaign Tool

As a way to recover lost sales, we developed an abandoned cart drip campaign tool.

It's a way to re-engage customers who left their booking incomplete.

With this tool, you'll boost conversion rates and avoid missing any potential sales.

Streamlining Operations for Efficiency

data sync for real time availability

Inventory Management and Real-Time Updates

At the heart of TicketingHub's services is effective inventory management.

With live updates and easy integrations, you can track your tours and activities easily. Keeps you from overbooking with real-time data sync.

Automation Tools for Operational Excellence

Save time with automatic confirmations, reminders, and post-tour feedback.

What's better, you keep customers engaged without lifting a finger.

"The booking experience of any reservation system will seriously affect how much revenue you make. We have seen major growth since using Ticketing hub and less abandoned checkouts through its ease of use."- Chris G., Day Tour Operator

Read Chris' case study here.

Building and Nurturing Customer Relationships

automate notifications and trip reminders

Personalized Customer Support

At TicketingHub, we're not just providing software; we're offering a partnership.

It shows in our personalized customer support available 24/7 via chat and email.

With glowing 5-star reviews on Capterra to back us up, our team is ready to help you around the clock, any time you need it.

review from software advice

Engagement Tools for Lasting Connections

Staying in touch with your guests is easier with us.

Through our CRM integration and message broadcast feature, personalizing communication becomes effortless.

Automate trip reminders and notifications to keep your customers informed and engaged.

Not only does this create loyalty but also boosts repeat sales, making them keep coming back.

Transparent Pricing and Easy Onboarding

pricing ticketinghub

No Hidden Fees, Just Value

Instead of hidden fees, TicketingHub has a transparent pricing model with no monthly fees.

We do this so every business can access our advanced features without paying too much.

How to Get Started with TicketingHub?

Switching to TicketingHub is simple and stress-free.

Our setup is easy and fast. And we'll give you a free demo. Let's show you how much better your bookings and operations can be.

webhooks and API for easy data migration

Our team of skilled developers use advanced APIs and webhooks to move your data quickly. You won't have to wait long. And you can start selling tickets in no time!

Making the change is easy, letting you focus on what you do best.


Other Rezdy Competitors and Alternatives

Listed below are 10 alternative booking software for tour operators, each with its own strengths.


fareharbor alternative

FareHarbor is a top booking site that helps manage online reservations and makes booking easier.

It's suitable for all kinds of activity providers and tour operators. Including small startups and big activity operators, since there are no upfront costs.

FareHarbor offers 6% booking fees and a bunch of add-ons. Getting businesses more customers and growing.

In short, it's a strong alternative to anyone looking to expand their business.

  • FareHarbor pricing: $0 monthly fee + 6% booking fees


xola software alternative

Xola is a standout online booking system that automates to make your life easier.

It's flexible yet powerful. It assists with marketing, payment processing, and other tasks.

With pricing that adjusts based on new bookings, Xola makes booking easier. It's perfect for anyone who wants to improve their bookings.

  • Xola pricing: $199/ month or $0 transactional plan + 3%-6% booking fee


bokun alternative

Bókun makes it easy for businesses to sell and manage tour business online for a great price.

It offers a flat subscription rate. You'll love this if you're watching your budget and want full functionality.

With core features like a website builder, low booking fees, and a free trial, Bókun is easy and affordable, just like Rezdy.

  • Bókun pricing: Starts at $49/month + 1.50% booking fees


alternative to tripworks

TripWorks brings a fresh approach to booking and reservation management. You can scale it as you grow.

Its flexible pricing adjusts to sales volume. So it's perfect for tour and activity operators of any size.

TripWorks snags bookings with smart marketing and efficient operations, making it a smart choice.

  • TripWorks pricing: $0/month + CC processing fee of 2.9% + 30 cents


alternative checkfront

Checkfront offers easy booking management and supports multiple languages. Making it perfect for global audiences.

Despite its merger with Rezdy, which brought price and product changes, Checkfront still has a free plan.

It's a good fit for startups and budding businesses, standing out as a strong booking software option.

  • Checkfront pricing: $0/month + 3% booking fees


alternative orioly

Orioly is an all-in-one booking platform for tour operators. It simplifies staff, customer, revenue, and reservation management.

It features easy activity setup, document attachment, and group discounts. Starts at $249/month plus 2.5% for online bookings.

Orioly is a great solution for complex operations, offering price flexibility and inventory management.

  • Orioly pricing: $249/month + 2.5% booking fees

Peek Pro

peek pro alternative

Peek Pro boosts reservations by making booking better, resulting in more sales.

Its features include customizable website widgets, Facebook booking, backend reporting, and mobile apps.

Peek Pro's free plan, with a 2.3% plus $0.30 per transaction fee, makes it a cost-effective choice for any business.

  • Peek Pro pricing: $0/month + 2.3% + $0.30 per transaction fee


TRYTN alternative

TRYTN is a simple online booking tool that's easy to set up for tour and activity businesses.

Besides software, TRYTN does web development and marketing, increasing sales and cutting costs.

While pricing details are private, TRYTN's dual focus on software and marketing services marks it as a valuable industry ally.

  • TRYTN pricing: not disclosed in the market


travefy alternative

Travefy gives you a ton of features, including itinerary creation, CRM, and marketing.

Available from $31/month with a free trial. Travefy is a great option if you're looking to simplify your business and expand.

  • Travefy pricing: subscription model at$31/month


travelworks alternative

TravelWorks offers a cloud-based solution for travel agencies. Reservations and accounting are its focus.

Its features include billing, CRM, marketing analytics, and more.

Although pricing isn't listed, TravelWorks' approach suggests a customizable pricing model that fits different agency sizes. Making them stand out as a software alternative.

  • TravelWorks pricing: not disclosed in the market

How to Choose the Right Rezdy Alternative for Your Business

Selecting the right software for your tour company depends on several things:

  • Pricing and Fees. Estimate the total cost of ownership. Fees for subscriptions, bookings, upgrades, and any additional features.
  • Features and Functionality. Find out what's important for your workflow. Such as payment processing, availability management, and automation.
  • Ease of Use. Consider how easy it is for new users to learn. And how the platform plays nicely with your existing workflow.
  • Customer Support. Make sure you're getting good support. Things like community forums, training resources, and customer service.

Is switching hard?

Many fear downtime. Others worry about adapting to the new interface. And if it will truly meet their needs.

Here's how to use a software solution with confidence:

  • Start with a Free Demo or Trial: No risk way to see if the operator software meets your needs.
  • Talk to Support: Ask your provider's support team if you have any technical questions.
  • Use Training Resources: Use the resources available to get your team up to speed.

How easy is it to get started with TicketingHub?

ticketinghub software interface

At TicketingHub, we know how you feel about onboarding.

You can count on us during the onboarding process to keep things smooth:

  • Minimal Downtime: Our migration plan is built to keep things running smoothly. Making sure you can continue to serve your customers.
  • Seamless Adaptation: TicketingHub’s platform is built for ease of use. We promise a friendly interface that your team will quickly get used to. Getting the transition right.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: We make sure our system fits your budget. The goal is to make you more efficient and get better results without costing you more.

TicketingHub is here to make the switch easy and rewarding.

We're with you all the way, making sure you're up and running with minimal downtime.

Ready to experience a hassle-free onboarding process?

Join us for a FREE DEMO and see what TicketingHub can do for you.


Looking for alternatives to Rezdy can really benefit your tour or activity business. There are better ways to get bookings online, save money, and make your customers happier.

Think about what your business really needs and check out your options.

The right booking platform can make you do more, help you grow and stand out in the busy travel market.

ticketinghub clients

FAQ Section

What makes an online booking system a good alternative to Rezdy for tour operators?

A good alternative to Rezdy, like TicketingHub, charges only 3% per booking instead of a flat monthly fee.

This means you only pay as you earn, so it's a good deal for activity operators looking to get more business without having to pay upfront.

Unlike other platforms that only offer premium features for premium accounts, TicketingHub grants full access to all core features, free of charge.

This includes comprehensive inventory management and seamless integrations with various payment gateways. Although specific gateway fees may apply.

Plus, TicketingHub's stellar customer support team is well-documented in Capterra reviews. Assuring you get help when you need it.

What are the benefits of switching to a different tour operator software?

Thanks to lower monthly fees and easy payment options, you can save money with TicketingHub.

Our unique features, like abandoned cart recovery, are all built to increase direct bookings. Saving you money by switching and operating.

By speeding up bookings and making customers happier, your bottom line will soar.

What should I consider when choosing a booking solution for tours and activities?

When picking a booking solution for tours and activities, remember these points:

  • Customization: How flexible is the booking widget to fit your brand?
  • Management Ease: Can you easily handle online bookings?
  • Automation Tools: Are there booking management tools to make your work simpler?
  • Customer Support Team: How helpful is the support team?

Why TicketingHub Stands Out:

Simple Setup: Our booking widget is super lightweight, needing just one line of code. This means:

  • Easier installation
  • Faster website speed
  • Seamless booking process
  • Better SEO

Unique Automation: We offer tools like Magic Link. It lets guests manage their bookings, saving you time and making their experience better.

Choosing TicketingHub can make bookings easy, making activity operators and customers happy.

Is it easy to switch to TicketingHub?

Yes, moving your customer data and bookings to a new platform like TicketingHub is simple. Here’s why:

  • Our expert developers use special tools (APIs and webhooks) to make sure everything shifts smoothly.
  • We aim to keep your system running without pause, so you can keep doing business without hitches.

Switching to TicketingHub means you won't have long downtime or complicated processes. We make sure you can move over and get back to work fast.

How do I know if a Rezdy alternative is reliable and trustworthy?

To determine the quality of a Rezdy alternative, look for online booking software with positive reviews and high ratings on platforms like Capterra, Software Advice, and G2.

Case studies, real-life testimonials, and fast customer service are also signs of credibility.

TicketingHub prides itself on its clear communication and dedicated support team. With us, travel agents, tour operators, and activity providers get everything they need to sell tickets easily, manage bookings, and grow.

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