Author's Note & Disclaimer: We looked at reviews on G2, Software Advice, and Capterra. The following information is based on what customers find helpful and inconvenient about FareHarbor, Rezdy, and TicketingHub.

Having trouble navigating complicated booking systems? Want booking software that seamlessly syncs with your existing setup? Without high transaction fees?

You're not alone. Knowing the challenges tour and activity operators face, I want to help you out. With this article, we'll give you all the clarity and insights you need to make a smart choice about tour booking software.

rezdy vs fareharbor vs ticketinghub

Check out these three top booking software options: FareHarbor vs Rezdy vs TicketingHub (that's us!). And discover the solution that seamlessly fits your business needs and gets you more done in less time.

Quick Comparison Chart

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FareHarbor: Pros and Cons

FareHarbor, a part of the family, is a cloud-based solution for tour and activity operators. Tour business owners can use it to manage bookings and payments online, built into their website.


  • User-Friendly Calendar: The calendar is well-designed and easy to navigate.
  • Simple Invoicing and Reporting: Invoicing is straightforward and reports are easy to read.
  • Flexible Management: It's easy to change trips, adjust times, and change tour types.
  • Software Compatibility: It simplifies booking calendar merging for tour and activity operators.
  • Ease of Setup: Activity operators appreciate the simple setup process.


  • Fee Increases: A new fee was introduced by FareHarbor, which rounded up reservations and kept the difference.
  • Lack of POS Features: You can't sell items or track inventory like with traditional POS systems.
  • Some Confusing Features: Some features are puzzling.
  • Limited API Integration: API integration with other tools or workflows is limited.

FareHarbor's interface is user-friendly and bookings are easy to integrate. The fee structure and some limitations to accessing its features have led users to weigh its pros and cons.

Although it has its advantages, many tour operators still want a platform with fair pricing and functionality.

*References Rezdy FareHarbor pros and cons data: Software Advice, G2, and Capterra.

Rezdy: Pros and Cons

The Rezdy platform helps tour operators sell packages and tours online and through multiple channels. It works with your current systems and web applications. And it also offers a booking engine that fits right into a website.


  • Useful Reports: Get reports about who's booked and when, plus you can export them.
  • Mobile App: Check in guests and contact people who haven't showed up with the Rezdy app.
  • Great Features: Promo codes, gift certificates, and more help you manage many tasks easier.
  • Strong Payment System: Platform handles payments and sends reminders easily.


  • Setup Challenges: It's a bit tricky without their team, since it's technical.
  • Language Barrier: The platform might be hard to use if you don't speak English well.
  • Limited Mobile App: Can't change event times or statuses without using a browser.
  • Price Increase: Prices have gone up, so you might have to charge more or absorb the cost.

Rezdy helps tour operators integrate seamlessly with their existing systems. You get a mobile app, comprehensive reporting, a bunch of promo management features, and easy payment options.

There are some downsides, too, such as the complicated setup process and limited functionality of the mobile app.

*References of Rezdy FareHarbor pros and cons data: Software Advice, G2, and Capterra.

Welcome to TicketingHub: Your Go-To Booking Software

rezdy vs fareharbor, ticketinghub booking software, rezdy vs fareharbor vs peek

We've heard the complaints from tour operators about how hard it is to manage bookings online. That's why we built our booking solution to be super easy to use.

Our goal? To make your booking process smooth and stress-free.

Magic Link: A Tap to Manage Bookings

ticketinghub feature, the magic link

Our coolest feature is the "magic link."

It lets your customers handle their bookings with just one tap. No more phone calls or manual changes for you.

It's all about giving you and your customers the control and ease you need.

  • TRIVIA: TicketingHub was the first to introduce self-management of bookings. Because we build custom solutions based on customer needs. 😉

Fair Pricing for Everyone

ticketinghub pricing

We love seeing our clients grow.

That's why we only charge 3% per booking. 🚀

It's a small price to pay for such a comprehensive offer. With it, you get access to the best booking software with all the features and integrations you need.

We're proud to say it's the most competitive deal on the market.

Complete set of features.

What Our Users Say

Our users have lots to say about how TicketingHub has transformed their businesses. Here's the gist.

Easy to Use and Great Support!

customer review, best solution in travel industry

Users love our easy-to-use software and instant support. With TicketingHub, managing online bookings, reservations, and availability is easy.

Our platform does the heavy lifting, so you can focus on giving your customers top-notch experiences.

The "Most Underrated Booking System" for Tours

customer review snapshot, the most underrated booking system

There's nothing like our booking widget. It's quick and doesn't slow down your website.

Plus, our flexible pricing and ability to track all sales, including affiliates, make us stand out.

Users who've tried other platforms like TrekkSoft, Checkfront, Peek Pro, and Rezdy find TicketingHub unmatched in terms of simplicity and efficiency.

*References of pros and cons data: Software Advice, G2, and Capterra.

Why TicketingHub Stands Out: FareHarbor vs Rezdy

Ease of Use

customer reviews the best ticketing system that exists

We value efficiency and simplicity, so our booking platform and channel manager is super easy to use. Because it's easy to use, it integrates seamlessly into your day-to-day operations. This saves you time.

Exceptional Customer Support

absolutely great booking software solution

We put a lot of effort into our customer support, which has been rated highly on platforms like Capterra.

Providing personalized, timely support to address your needs, we ensure your booking management runs smoothly. Our team is always available to help, guiding you through any challenges.

Innovative Solutions

great and flexible customer support

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We're dedicated to simplifying bookings and improving customer satisfaction. Users rave about our unique features like the magic link, email validator, and abandoned cart drip campaigns.

As tour and activity operators' needs change, we keep developing custom solutions and setting new standards for the industry.

Key Benefits of TicketingHub

  • All-in-One Solution: We handle all your booking needs, from payment processing to booking engines to distribution platforms.
  • Competitive Booking Fees: Our 3% booking fees are transparent and competitive. That way you get the most value and revenue.
  • Seamless Online Booking: Make it easier to book and manage reservations with the most lightweight booking widget.
  • Global Reach: Our platform supports various payment options. So you can cater to clients and users from different countries and regions.
  • SSL-Secured: We handle your payments, bookings, and client data with the utmost care, so you can rest easy.
Complete set of features.

Try Us Out

Experience the difference with a TicketingHub demo. Discover firsthand how our booking software can speed up your operations, reduce booking fees, and create better customer experiences.

Join the ranks of satisfied activity companies and tour operators worldwide who choose TicketingHub as their trusted booking management partner.


Making the Right Choice for Your Business

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There are a lot of things to consider when choosing booking software. Pricing, integration capabilities, and ease of use are the top factors.

While TicketingHub excels in these areas, it's equally important to acknowledge that FareHarbor and Rezdy also provide valuable services. Each has its own set of powerful features.

Ultimately, what's right for your business depends on your needs.

ticketinghub clients

If you want a solution that's simple, has excellent customer support, has seamless integration options, and has competitive pricing, TicketingHub's your solution.

We're not just a provider, we're a partner. 🤝

However, we recommend you to weigh all options. Compare what each platform offers and see whether it aligns with your company's goals.

Whether you choose TicketingHub or another service, find one that supports your operations, improves your customer experiences, and makes a difference to your growth.

guide to how to select your tour booking software right

Try Us for Free!

Not sure yet? We offer a free trial. See for yourself how TicketingHub can simplify bookings, cut costs, and make your business run better.

With TicketingHub, you're not just getting a booking website; you're getting a partner for success.


FAQ: Choosing Your Booking Platform

1. How do the booking fees and pricing models of FareHarbor, Rezdy, and TicketingHub compare?

  • FareHarbor provides a cost-effective solution with no monthly fees, but charges a 6% booking fee. Note: This does not cover payment gateway fees, which are additional.
  • Rezdy offers a structured pricing model starting at $49/month or an alternative flexible plan, with a modest 2% booking fee, excluding payment gateway costs.
  • TicketingHub champions affordability with no monthly charges, imposing a 3% booking fee, excluding payment gateway fees.

Only pay as you earn.

2. In terms of user-friendliness and learning curve, how do these booking platforms stack up?

All three platforms are easy to use. But according to reviews on and, TicketingHub comes out on top.

So tour operators can expect a smooth booking process and minimal set-up time.

3. Can I integrate FareHarbor, Rezdy, and TicketingHub with my existing online presence and marketing tools?

No doubt, each booking software has great integration capabilities. Most booking systems have OTA integrations, payment gateways, CRM integrations, and CMS integrations.

TicketingHub integrates with your distribution platform and the following third-parties:


Payment Gateways:

Other integrations:

4. What level of customer support is offered by FareHarbor, Rezdy, and TicketingHub?

  • FareHarbor is known for its excellent customer service. However, some users say it's hard to get help on weekends because of time zone differences.
  • Rezdy gets good reviews for its features and support, though some people want more direct account management for quick fixes.
  • TicketingHub users love personal and timely customer service. As a result, they get a smooth onboarding process and a lot of satisfied customers.

When selecting a booking solution, don't just think about the price, think about the value. Consider user experience, customer support, and integration potential.

FareHarbor vs Rezdy vs TicketingHub have something for everyone. Choose from all-in-one solutions or specialized booking engines.

Comparatively, TicketingHub may be the best option if you want a user-friendly interface, excellent customer service, and a competitive price.

No matter what, you need to take your business needs and customers' demands into account.

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