TicketingHub is the best alternative to Ventrata

Looking for a ticketing alternative to Ventrata? Check out TicketingHub! Our innovative, fully customizable checkout widget can help you increase ticket sales and revenue. So why wait? Book your demo today!

Having an online reservation system is your best choice if you want to optimize inventory management, reservation system, and sales revenue. 

There are plenty of choices in the travel industry platform, but choosing software that meets any tour operators needs and demands is what you should focus on more.

Know how different booking platforms work and which one is right for your business.

What Is Ventrata?

With Ventrata, you can take bookings directly on your website, accept bookings from OTAs and distribution partners, and manage all your bookings in one central system. 

Ventrata also offers complete distribution management, so you can easily sell through multiple channels and maximize your reach.

TicketingHub - The Best Cloud-based Ticketing Solution and Alternative to Ventrata

If you're looking for the best possible alternative to Ventrata, look no further than Ticketinghub. 

Our cloud-based software is designed to be both user-friendly and reliable, and it offers a number of features that Ventrata simply can't match.

Why Tour and Activity Operators Choose TicketingHub

As a tour and activity operator, you want a software that is easy to use, offers a variety of features and is affordable. TicketingHub has all of that and more. 

Here are the key features of booking platform and event management that should fit every tour operators' needs:

Customizable Interface & Lightweight Widget

With TicketingHub, you can easily customize your reservation system to meet your specific needs and branding. 

If you're looking for a way to sell tickets online, but don't want the hassle of a heavyweight ticketing system, then Ticketinghub is the perfect solution. 

You can sell online through third-party sites or embed the customizable widget on your own website.

Efficient Reservations and Event Management Tools

With our powerful search features, you can manage reservations quickly and easily. This helps you save time and hassle when making reservations. 

A wide range of automation tools include:

Magic Link

The Magic Link allows customers to change their booking without calling customer service or waiting in line at the front desk. 

Just ask them to check the link in their confirmation email that will take them directly to the page where they can make all the changes they need. 

So simple and easy, it's magic!

Email Validation Tool

Invalid email addresses are one of the most common issues facing tour and activity operators. 

But with Ticketinghub's email validation tool, you can rest assured that your messages are only going to active subscribers.

Automatic Feedback

Let's face it: asking for feedback and user reviews can be a hassle. But what if there was an easier way?

Introducing Ticketinghub's automatic feedback feature! 

Now, when a customer buys a ticket from you, they'll automatically get an email asking them to review your business on TripAdvisor or Google My Business. 

Waiting List

With TicketingHub's waiting list feature, you can see what dates people are interested in booking and make sure that your tours are always full. 

No more guessing games or wasted time. Just focus on the tours that people actually want to take. 

Customer Service Support At Its Best

We understand that when something goes wrong, you need help right away. 

That's why we offer 24/7 customer support, so you can get the help you need when you need it. We're here to help you get the most out of your reservation system.

Quick Integration to Your Booking Website

Why spend hours trying to integrate a ticketing system into your website, when you can use Ticketinghub and be done in 5 minutes? 

Our fast, easy-to-use system will save you time and hassle, so you can focus on more important things. 

Switch to Ticketinghub today and see the difference!

TicketingHub is the best alternative to Ventrata. TicketingHub offers a powerful and robust cloud-based reservation system that is customizable and affordable for any tour operators, whether it be small or large. 

We offer all these features plus more- so if you're looking for an alternative to Ventrata, switch to Ticketinghub now and see the difference!

We help you grow

TICKEtinghub is designed to help you

Sell more

Better customer


Save time

Do what you love

We help you grow

TICKEtinghub is designed to help you


Get up and running

Start selling tickets with Ticketinghub in minutes. Reviewers rate Ticketinghub 5 stars on Capterra


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​​Support you can count on, our customer champions are available 24x7 via chat or email.


Save money

A more affordable for tour and activity businesses of all sizes, without hidden fees and surprise add-ons.

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With just a few clicks, you can set up many processes that will help you manage your selling and take your business to new heights.

Keep guests up to date

With our easy-to-use broadcast feature, you can send a quick notification to all of your guests with just a few clicks.

Automatically grow reviews

You can automatically increase the number of reviews by sending your guests email and SMS messages asking them to leave a review on TripAdvisor with membership management.

Guide assignments

TicketingHub automates the process of managing guides so you don't have to worry about it, from notifying them to confirming their attendance.

Email automation

All customer communications, including confirmations, reminders, and feedback emails are handled automatically.

Few lines of code to integrate ticketingHub into your website

Just one line of code

EASY install

Ticketinghub makes it easy to install a ticketing system on your website with just one line of code. You can make all the changes from our backend, change the colour, layout, design, prices, etc. without having to code anything.

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Do you connect to Online Travel Agencies (OTA)?

Yes, we do! TicketingHub integrates with the largest OTAs in the hospitality industry: TripAdvisor (Viator), Get Your Guide, Affiliate Future, TXGB, Project Expedition

Coming Soon: TripXOXO, Isango, Civitatis, Expedia, Groupon, Tiqets, Klook, Headout, Musement, Google Reserve, CTripBooking.com

Learn more through our Integrations page.

How does TicketingHub help manage tours be efficient?

Say goodbye to inefficient paper tickets, and hello to a more effective way to manage your business. No more spreadsheets. No more manual data entry. TicketingHub's complete cloud-based solution is the world's easiest way to sell tickets online, in person, and through distribution partners. Once you set up your website, we handle everything else. It's that easy.

How do you provide customer support?

The TicketingHub team is available to help customers with their reservations, even during business hours. On our website, you can connect with us through our live chat support, so when booking with TicketingHub, customers don't have to worry about phoning in during business hours, and they can expect continuous help as they learn how to use the online booking system.

In terms of online payments, which vendors do you integrate with?

Our powerful booking software interfaces with your selected payment method to ensure that your ticket sales system runs smoothly and continuously. Over 120 payment gateways are supported by TicketingHub, including Stripe, Paypal, WorldPay, Adyen, and AAIB. Outpost, our mobile event app and stationary POS software supports iZettle, Adyen, and SumUp for in-person ticket transactions.

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