In all their venues, the Electric Gamebox uses TicketingHub tour scheduling software for seamless offline to online booking and reservation management for game rooms.

How does TicketingHub make a difference? Here are five ways.

5 Reasons Why Electric Gamebox Uses TicketingHub Online Tour Scheduling Software

1. Seamless import system

When Electric Gamebox decided to switch from Xola to TicketingHub for their online booking needs, they were facing a daunting task.

Transferring all their data from Xola to TicketingHub's system would have been a time-consuming and error-prone process.

Push data anywhere with Webhooks feature.
Push data anywhere with Webhooks feature.

However, the team at TicketingHub built a custom import system that made the transition easy, seamless, and efficient.

What's more? What they thought to be 1 venue per day of data import turned into 3 venues per day!

Fast Software Adoption and Data Import - TicketingHub Online Tour Booking Software

As a result, the Electric Gamebox is now able to take advantage of all the features that TicketingHub has to offer. This is without having to worry about losing any of their sensitive data.

Thanks to the team at TicketingHub, what could have been a nightmare scenario turned into a smooth and painless transition.

2. Quick & easy software adoption

Another major problem they expect to encounter is staff adoption of a revamped system.

TicketingHub's training videos are ready for its users, so Electric Gamebox's staff does not need to learn the new tour booking software. It was so smooth that they were able to import data into 3 venues per day using just one venue per day.

It was a relief to have one less thing to worry about. The data migration was smoother than expected.


3. Better checkout experience

With TicketingHub, checkout is much faster and more efficient. Customers no longer have to deal with lengthy and complicated processes to purchase tickets. TicketingHub's fast checkout process is simple and easy to understand.

Better checkout experience
TicketingHub tour booking system allows fast checkout experience when customers book tours.

This quick process keeps users engaged and increases retention rates.

4. Innovative yet simple point-of-sale solutions

Electric Gamebox is always seeking new and innovative ways to improve customer service. TicketingHub's point-of-sale solutions help them do this.

Our POS hardware solutions make selling tickets on-site easy. It connects to printers, cash registers, and PDQ machines.

Also, TicketingHub's Outpost App can be used both on Android and iOS devices. This mobile POS app lets tour operators sell tickets, manage sales, print receipts, and issue invoices on the go!

POS Solutions by Ticketinghub
Online booking platform with Point-of-sale Solutions

Once again, adoption and transition to a new software solution were effortless.

5. Excellent customer support experience

Customer service at TicketingHub is exceptional. A 24/7 customer support team is available to assist Electric Gamebox with any problems.

Their motto?

'No question is too dumb!'

Plus! TicketingHub's team is knowledgeable and helpful. It's always their priority to help tour and activity providers.

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TicketingHub Reviews
TicketingHub's stellar customer support - Capterra Review

The most crucial factors for Electric Gamebox were customer feedback and support experience when choosing TicketingHub. The company is glad they switched to TicketingHub and recommends it highly to anyone looking for a new online booking system.

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Wrapping Up!

A quick recap of the five main reasons Electric Gamebox chose TicketingHub is as follows:

  1. Seamless data import
  2. Quick & easy software adoption
  3. Better checkout experience
  4. Innovative yet simple point-of-sale solutions
  5. Excellent customer support experience

Step Up with TicketingHub

TicketingHub is the leading ticketing partner for businesses looking to increase tour activity. From the smooth import of data to quick and easy software adoption, TicketingHub has everything you need to take your business to the next level.

TicketingHub offers frictionless booking for tour and activity companies- multi-day tours, multiple tours, food tours, segway tours, and much more.

Whether through their website, in-person, or via resellers, our clients are now able to easily sell and schedule tours online with a unique booking experience.

What should you look for in an online booking system?

booking system features
A tour operator should know what to look for in an online tour booking software.

Aside from the said features, here are more valuable features that you should look for in tour operator software.

1. Eases day-to-day operations:

Your tour booking system should be able to handle all aspects of tour bookings and management. It should provide an easy way for customers to view your tour offerings and book their trip.

Automate SMS Reviews
Automate SMS Reviews after tours with TicketingHub

From tour guide management to automatic notifications and payment details, the software should enable you to manage all the details of a tour once the booking is made.

2. Syncs online bookings with in-person bookings:

A centralized system lets you prevent double bookings and mismanagement.

3. Accepts online payments:

The booking platform should let activity providers choose the payment gateway that works best for them and their customers, whether it's PayPal, Stripe, or something else without any credit card required. Plus, it should be able to handle things like refunds and cancellations seamlessly.

4. Helps you get more customers:

A great tour reservation system not only manages but also helps you sell more bookings and upsell gift vouchers and tour packages and products or merchandise.

upsell with TicketingHub
Maximize selling opportunities upon booking with upselling features

Aside from direct bookings, it allows you to widen your client base by seamlessly connecting your tours with online travel agencies; and helps you retain customers with the waiting lists feature.

5. Saves you money on consumer fees:

Work with a reservation system that grows with you rather than against you (and your sales). There is only a 3% booking fee at TicketingHub, almost half of what other renowned tour scheduling software companies charge.

We can show you how our online booking software and ticketing solutions can benefit your tour operator business. Contact us today to learn more.

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