Online Booking System For Small Business? Is It Good?

No reservation software yet?

Do you feel like you're always playing catch-up? You can't seem to get ahead, and you're constantly stressed out. As a result, you miss out on bookings because you can't keep up, making mistakes in your paperwork that cost you money.

It's nearly impossible to keep track of all the bookings and reservations when you're always going. You can't keep up with your email, phone calls, and paperwork, and you are constantly making mistakes.

40% of the market hasn't adopted a reservation; however, with the pandemic, there has been a sharp increase in the number of businesses who have transitioned from paper to digital tickets and are moving to a more digital era of ticketing.

It seems like almost everything these days can be done online. You can order food, clothes, and even cars without ever leaving your house. And now, thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can also buy tickets to your favourite events, shows, attractions and tours without ever having to stand in line. That's right; an online booking system has made the booking process more efficient.

You can start selling tickets using an online booking system within minutes and start generating revenues through quick online transactions. Moreover, increase the chances you can attract and convert visitors through elegant and highly efficient checkout flows optimized for the conversion of new customers.

Times have changed, and you won't face the same ticketing challenges of the past.

With an event reservation system and tour operator online booking software, you can keep track of all your bookings in one place, so you'll never miss a reservation. Plus, our software is designed to help prevent mistakes, so you don't lose any money.

What is an online booking system?

In case you are still unsure what an online booking system is, it's a software solution that allows your visitors to self-book tour appointments online and pay through your website, event page, and other channels, allowing you to accept reservations without having to lift a finger.

That's not all, though. Reservation system technology has advanced to the point that it has become a central location where you can handle every aspect of your business, from marketing to distribution to operations.

An online booking system enables an attraction and service business to promote ticket sales for events, tours & activities and sell tickets online, in person or through distribution channels. The ticketing software that supports several sales channels offers specialized features relating to each channel. This feature is connected to the same backend, automatically allowing pricing updates across the channels, so customers can easily be viewed. The most commonly employed event reservation system features are online point-of-sales, which enables event managers to sell tickets.

Zoos, Attractions, Tours, Activities and online bookings systems are, quite simply, platforms that allow you to get more direct bookings online. They're a fantastic resource that may help you sell more tickets while you save money and time from endless manual systems. In addition, when selling tickets, they streamline the booking process by providing several tools and advanced systems in one location: your one-stop-shop booking system solution.

There's no need to be scared if you're not technologically savvy; all you need is an online booking system and the ability to reap the rewards (and save money).

Here are a few examples to consider:

  • Track your sales with real-time reporting
  • Sell online even not within business hours
  • Avoid double bookings with API connections
  • Keep track of your reseller's commissions
  • Assign assets and team to activities
  • Before your visitors arrive, gather information about them.
  • Automate reviews on third party websites.

Sell More Tickets Anytime, Anywhere!

Sell tickets anywhere on any device and generate money with up-sells, cross-sells, and fast sell tactics.

Even if you don't know much about computers, there's no need to be intimidated. You don't need any prior technical knowledge to set up a ticketing system, sell tickets, and reap the rewards.

Using an online ticketing software, you can build a specialized ticketing flow via a widget on your website/web pages / specific event pages for your product.  Choose various ticket tiers to sell (Adult, Child, VIP, etc.), set the price and payment options for each type of ticket, get real-time sales statistics, and much more.

What is an online ticketing system or ticketing software?

1.  Benefits of ticketing software

There are several reasons to adopt an online reservation system for your Zoo, Museum, Attraction, Tour or Activity, among which is: Potential to increase sales or revenues.

Generate more sales and direct bookings with a 24 hour online self-service option that allows customers to book and pay for their tour appointments online without queueing.

You can add an online booking fee to your tickets, pushing the online booking software fees to your clients and increasing revenue.

Capacity and timed tickets, an online store, contactless admission control, capacity reporting, and robust marketing capabilities that have or can integrate with a CRM… plus so much more!

1. You never close your store and continue to sell 24 hours a day.

2. Offers more security than spreadsheets

3. Stop wasting time on futile and repetitive tasks.

4. Offer a better guest experience

5. Stay organized

6. Eradicate cancellations and no-shows

7. Get live insight into your business's health

8. Connects your favourite software tools

2. What about the disadvantages?

There are none apart from the fee you have to pay, but you quickly get an ROI on this if you are on a percentage fee. Fixed costs have more risk at the beginning.

Some companies also decide to use ticket brokering companies to help them sell more tickets.

3. Key features of an online reservation system

There's no need for a call centre or box office with an entirely online reservation system, which improves efficiency and overall client happiness. Some software like

TicketingHub allows customers to manage bookings by modifying or cancelling their bookings without speaking with support. You can read more about our Magic link feature here.

All the above help you to grow your business while reducing your costs. With an online reservation system, real-time reporting, an easy check-in process and third-party systems integrations, online ticketing systems are the key to customer satisfaction, efficient cash flow management and profitability.

4.  Enhance your Guest Experience with a reliable reservation system

Create a more personalized experience for guests by including anything they may require in their hands. With email and SMS notifications, you may provide personalized material, offers, and recommendations to visitors at the right time, giving a truly tailored experience.

With a ticketing and admission control solution, you can better serve your guests, members, and school groups whilst reaching for broader connected markets via distribution channels. This is done via a single point of truth in your software dashboard. Allowing group registrations can save both you and your customers time while providing them with a more enjoyable experience.

5. Grow your distribution with an online booking system

You can reach a whole new pool of consumers and capitalize on the opportunity with a single click. Most reservation system solutions connect to distribution platforms to streamline operations and increase profits.

Increase your market share by selling through international online travel agents (OTAs) like TripAdvisor (Viator), Get Your Guide, and Things to do in, and connect all your data into one dashboard.

The online booking software should allow you to track all aspects of your ticket sales, including web analytics, to see which marketing campaigns are working best.

All these things increase your sales possibilities whilst reducing your admin costs—no need for clients to print tickets or have a box office. Customers can simply present their confirmation email on their phones.

6. Real-Time Data Analytics

online booking software dashboard
Online Booking Software Dashboard

Get valuable analytics and data when you sell tickets from your online booking software. Keep track of your ticket sales and gather information about your patrons. This will provide you with valuable information to help improve and promote your future sales and shape your marketing strategies. This will also help you define and optimize your ticket price.

7. Seamless Event Check-In using an online booking system

online booking mobile app
Online Booking Mobile App

An online booking system saves everyone valuable time by making it easy for your ticket buyers to buy tickets in advance and check-in at the venue. This means no long registration lines at the entrance and a streamlined check-in procedure that involves simply scanning the ticket QR code or barcode using the system's app on any mobile device.

8. Point of sale solution for in-person sales.

Sell tickets on the door for in-person sales using a Point of sale connected to your reservation system to avoid double bookings and to speed up the check-in process.

Connect your POS to a PDQ Machine (card machine) to take payments (and payment details) in seconds and make sure you never oversell your allocated capacity

What's the difference between an event ticketing system and tour operator online booking software

Event ticketing systems are used by event organizers and event planners to sell online event tickets in advance and at the door. On the other hand, tour and activity operators booking software is used to book tours and activities.

Tour operator booking software typically includes features such as multiple time slots per day, guide management, customer management, activity management, and financial accounting.

Zoo and museum reservation software typically features opening hours, time slots management, and membership solutions. Some also offer merchandise and restaurant POS, whilst others connect to third-party systems  such as  GoodTill or

Which ticketing system is used for online event registration and performing arts ticketing?

The most famous platforms for event organizers or event management teams to sell events online and collect their event data are:

Which online booking system is used for Tour Operators' bookings?

Most high volume tour operators use:

Which online booking system is used for Zoo ticketing?

Which online booking system is used for Hop on Hop off bus tours?

Which booking system and software is used for Theatre shows?

What does the customer journey look like?

online booking software user flow
Online Booking Software User Flow

What is the cost of an online booking system?

Most products on the marketplace are priced on the basis of two types of pricing models, a fee per booking, a subscription or both.

Arrival Travel wrote a very informative piece on this, which you can find here:

This table summarizes the prices of most basic product packages.

Fee per Booking Model

online booking software fees
Online Booking Softwares Fees

Subscription Model

online booking software fees
Online Booking Softwares Subscription Model

What are the key points to consider when choosing an online reservation system?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to an online reservation system. So, how do you decide which one is right for you?

Here are a few things to consider:

1. What type of tickets will you be selling tickets for?

There are a variety of online booking system options available, each designed for a specific industry:

Tour operator booking system platforms offer a comprehensive set of features to manage all aspects of your tour operations business.

Zoo and Attraction's online reservation system offers a wide range of features specifically tailored to the needs of the leisure industry, including facilities for pre-booking and managing activities, appointments, memberships and catering.

Event tickets online reservation system can be used to sell tickets to events, such as concerts, plays, or festivals.

1. How easy is it to use?

The online reservation system you choose should be easy to use – after all, you don't want to spend time learning how to use a complex

2. Ticketing Features

Each industry has its own requirements, but support is universal.

  • Do they have a reliable support team?
  • Are they fully PCI compliant?
  • Do they support Print-at-home tickets?
  • Can people buy tickets easily from a Mobile ticketing phone?
  • Do they offer Access control?
  • Can they support Dynamic ticket prices and multiple ticket types?
  • What are their Refunds and cancellations policy, and is it aligned with yours?
  • Can you customize ticketing question forms for each ticket type?
  • Does it support attendee check-in, and personalized content based on ticket type? Does it integrate with your CRM?
  • Can it manage assets?
  • Can you set custom notices?
  • Does it support Membership?
  • Does it have a Point of Sale for selling tickets in person?
  • Does it offer scan tickets on mobile devices?
  • Can it integrate with Turnstiles?
  • Taking and managing reservations
  • reserved seating
  • event pages
  • fundraising tools

discount codes

3. What is the cost?

When it comes to the cost of online booking systems, there are a few payment options you can choose from, either pay a monthly fee or both. Each option has its own set of features, and the cost will vary depending on the complexity of the software. It's imperative to find software that is easy to use and has all the features you need to manage your reservations and grow your ticket sales.

You will want to choose a company that offers excellent Customer service and support, but last but not least, you want a solution that you can maintain on your own without having to contact support or be a rocket scientist.

4. What is their Reputation?

When it comes to choosing between event online booking systems to sell tickets, the reputation of the company is key. Make sure to read reviews and see what customers have to say about the software. This will help you make an informed decision about which online booking software is right for your business.

What ratings does it receive on software review sites such as G2 and Capterra?

5. Pricing & Free trial

The online booking company you choose should offer a trial account, so you can test out the software before making a purchase. This will help ensure that the online reservation software is suitable for your business and that you understand how to use it before paying any ticketing fees.

6. Customer Service

Most online booking systems offer customer service, which is invaluable as you navigate this new platform. Customer service may include online chat, phone support, and email support during the account setup process. It can also involve onsite customer support or even onsite staffing in some instances. This will help you make the most of the online reservation system and learn something as well while you're at it, as each online reservation system has its unique features and benefits.

We've discussed pricing in length above but don't hesitate to spend more on your online reservation system. This will enable you to sell more tickets and save you lots of valuable time.

When it comes to the cost of online booking systems, there are various options to choose from. Each option has its own set of features, and the cost will vary depending on the complexity of the software. It's imperative to find an online booking software that is incredibly easy to use and has all the features you need to manage your online reservations.


Selling Tickets digitally with an online reservation system eliminates the need for a call centre or a box office, which increases efficiency and reduces operations costs and overall customer satisfaction.

An online booking software offers customer service, which is invaluable as you navigate this new platform and grow your sales.

We think it's worth looking into a ticketing system for your company - it'll make your life much easier and help you keep track of all your sales customers, and reduce your cost.

What do you think? Do you believe ticketing software is the way to go?

Let us know in the comments!

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